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I must admit that out of all the sports I talk about or watch nothing excites me more than football, whether it’s college or the NFL, but if I had to pick one it’s probably the NFL.  The start of camp and then the preseason gets me so excited it’s something I can’t describe or really put into words but I know alot of people feel the same about football season.  We’ll start in college where Tim Tebow tries to lead the defending champion Florida Gators to another national championship this year and he’s also trying to become the second 2-time winner of the Heisman trophy but he’s has alot of competition not only for the Heisman but for the national championship.  Teams like Texas, Oklahoma and USC are strong candidates to compete for a national championship, in Texas you have a great team led by a Heisman finalist from last year in quarterback Colt McCoy from the Big 12 conference, but also you have the returning Heisman winner from the conference in Sam Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners, who lost to the Florida Gators in the national championship game.  Then out west you have the USC Trojans who are a tough team every year even though they’ll have to replace several players who moved on to the NFL including quarterback Mark Sanchez but they also lost 3 of there top players on defense in Clay Matthews Jr, Brian Cushing and Rey Maualuga but once again coach Pete Carroll always have had great recruits and still expect them to be in the mix at the end of the year.


Once again it’s time for football season and this year the Pittsburgh Steelers will have to defend there championship which they won by beating the Arizona Cardinals, no this isn’t a typo I did say the Arizona Cardinals in a great game but we’ll start with the champions conference the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have there hands full because with the return of Tom Brady the New England Patriots are poised to take back the AFC after going undefeated in the regular season the year before last, there hopes were gone when during week 1 he went down to a season ending knee injury.  Another team this year who’s hungry are the Baltimore Ravens whom the Steelers beat in the conference championship, alot of there success will be determined on the play of second year quarterback Joe Flacco because with the Ravens resigning all world linebacker Ray Lewis there defense will be fine like the previous 10 seasons.  Another team that could be a contender is the Tennessee Titans but could be hurt on defense with Albert Haynesworth leaving the team to sign with the Washington Redskins for a 100 million dollars………………..once again this isn’t a typo he signed for a 100 million.  Another playoff team from last year is the San Diego Chargers who will get a boost with the return of pro bowl Shawne Merriman who was out all last season with an injured knee but the teams success will depend on how effective the future hall of famer running back LaDainian Tomlinson who’s been battling injuries for the last few seasons.  Other contenders from the AFC include the Indianapolis Colts who anytime they have Peyton Manning at the helm is a dangerous team but there are alot of questions this team must answer which include a change in the coaching staff and the loss of Marvin Harrison at wide receiver.  The other playoff team from the previous year is the Miami Dolphins so the AFC is packed with about 8 teams who are competing for 6 playoff spots. Now onto the NFC, where the champions, Arizona Cardinals yes the Cardinals are hoping for a repeat of the teams most successful season in franchise history are still led by quarterback Kurt Warner and the all pro receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, who is still trying to get the team to give him a contract like the one they gave Fitzgerald.  The runner up of the NFC were the Philadelphia Eagles, who not only are my favorites to reach the Super Bowl but they’re my favorite team added a couple of good players through the draft running LeSean McCoy and receiver Jeremy Maclin, the only questions the Eagles have are on defense with the tragic loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, who took a leave and then died from cancer and we loss long time safety Brian Dawkins.  Then we have the Carolina Panthers who return basically there entire roster and the only question they face is can Jake Delhomme eliminate all the mistake he’s been known to make because if he can with the running game and Steve Smith at receiver this is a serious contender also.  Another team that could be a contender is the New York Giants but with Plaxico Burress not in the picture the offense could struggle even though they resigned running back Brandon Jacobs but we’ll have to wait and see.  Another team on the rise is the Atlanta Falcons who added a future Hall of Famer tight end Tony Gonzalez to a great offense which include rookie of the year quarterback Matt Ryan, all pro running back Micheal Turner and pro bowler Roddy White, who is demanding a contract extension, this is the sleeper team from the NFC, but it all depends on if Ryan can continue to play at the level he played at last year.  The other playoff team were the Minnesota Vikings who have issues at the quarterback position but as long as running back Adrian Peterson is healthy they always will be a dangerous team but the team need a quarterback desperately since they were unable to lure Brett Favre away from retirement.  Other team in the NFC that are sleepers who didn’t make the playoffs last year are the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints and maybe the Chicago Bears.


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