Daddy's Little Girl going to school

Well it’s starting to set in, the reality that my little girl is about to start school and before I go on let me state that even though I’ve been accused of showing favoritism towards her because she’s my last baby.  Well even though everyone says that I still don’t see it, maybe it’s denial but I must admit with me being older I appreciated all the little things with her like alot of the times when I was tired I’d put all the aside to do things like make her breakfast, make those funny faces, stay up and watch cartoon, all of those things I was doing even though I’d work all night.  But back to why it bothers me more with her starting pre-k than it did with my other two, you see my others 2 kids actually went to day care some because I’ve always worked night shift so when they started school it bothered me but this wasn’t the first time they’ve been away from me and I knew the effects of them being around other kids already so I understood.  Now to why it hurts me and trust me when I say that I almost get emotional when not only the thought of her leaving but when I talk about it I get sort of choked up, but during her 4 years she’s never been away from me, she rarely goes to spend the night with others and she’s a daddy’s girl.  But yesterday was her open house as well as my other kids and I must admit that I think my older daughter and my sons teacher seem to be nice and will enjoy working with them throughout the year, then we went to my daughters class which is located at the elementary school my other 2 kids go to.  Well I must say that her teachers seem to be very nice and they were very informative and straight forward, also we had a few laughs because they basically told me and my wife that they think she’ll be fine at school they think I’m going to be the problem, but we joked around alot because they were telling me if I have a questions or concerns that I can call but I told them I might just camp out in the parking lot which drew some laughs also I told them that I stayed about 3 minutes from the school and between one of her teachers and my wife they tried convincing me that everything will be alright but I guess we’ll have to see, also to add I’ve went as far as trying to convince her to stay home with me for one more year and she said she would but in the long run the last thing I want to do is get in the way of her education so I guess I’ll definitely be in tears Monday morning because that’s the first day but this is going to be a long year and I will keep an update on how the year will be going, but I have to go because it really bothers me as I’m writing this, so if there is anyone know how I feel or going through what I’m going through or even has been through what I’ve been through drop me a response and let me know what you’ve been through or going through.


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