The Kids 1st Week of School

Well last week was the first week of school, my son he’s now in the 5th grade and I can say our relationship is like it’s never changed cause as much as he tells me I’m a hero to him, he’s actually a hero to me also, because he’s sooooooooooo advanced for his age it’s not funny, I mean I’m not saying this because he’s my son but really, he is because we have conversations like best friends.  I mean let me explain whether it’s sports, news or pretty much anything else, he’s on point with the knowledge and he’s a straight A, honor roll student who wants to go to the University of Georgia when he gets out of school, I mean he worships Georgia and he works hard to try and achieve this goal.  But back to the school thing, he entered the 5th grade and so far this week he’s loving and in his home room he has a couple of his friends and he’s looking forward to his last year in elementary school.  Then I have my oldest daughter who’s entering the 4th grade this year and before last year she’s had a little trouble but she’s been working hard along with me and her mother, but also I have to include the teachers at her school, but at times she can be a handful and very stubborn at times, but she’s still my princess and she can be the sweetest person you’ll ever come across because even at 9 years old she still make me I Love You Daddy cards and write letters telling me how much she love me and trust me I really appreciate it because I have peers who have kids who are older and they tell me about how much they missed those days and to cherish them, so I really enjoy getting those from her because I know she’s getting older and before you know it these will stop.  But in her first week of school she’s enjoying her class and her teacher and we’re hoping for a great year and it’s going to be hard work because she have problems with math but she tries which is what really counts.  Now last but not least I have my 4 year old little princess who started pre-k this week and before I go on I will admit that this really hurted me when she went to school because with me working at night she always was at home with me while wifey went to work and my other 2 kids were at school, so all the time we spent with each other just started running through my head.  Let me pause for a minute because this hear is very emotional because no more of her wanting daddy to wake up and fix her breakfast, watching cartoons, playing around like making crazy faces and playing hide and seek or maybe her wanting to go shopping even though I was sleepy as hell but I’d give anything to have another week where we can do those things but I can’t…………………yes it bothers me but my little princess is getting big now.  But to her first week of school, which couldn’t have been better because when she seen all of her classmates crying because they didn’t want there parents, she told me I’ll be alright daddy, don’t worry.  But she was great all week and the teacher said you couldn’t ask for a better child, she was also the helper all week and still by the end of the week most of the kids were still crying, but I’m so proud of my kids and I love them more than words can explain and very proud of them, also I’m doing better with my little girl going to pre-k because this will be good for her when she goes to kindergarten being around other kids……………………..but until next time, take care.

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