Fathers Need to Step Up

Ok before I begin this isn’t directed at anyone I know in particular but at the same time if you read this article and it offends you I don’t care do something about it and spend time with your kids.  But now to the topic over the years since my first child was born, 11 years in January to be exact I’ve had several people tell me I’ve changed, I’m not the same person I was growing up or I’m not a real friend because I don’t try to hangout or go to a bar or do whatever with them, but the truth is my kids are used to me being home all the time when I’m not working so my ties are with them.  But on the other side I’ve heard the older heads tell me that I need that time to hang with the fellas and time to myself to be a better person which is debatable, but I see it as being a new era because when I was growing up we had bad influences around whether it was someone selling drugs or some gang members around but now not only the kids have that but there are different programs that can influence your kids, also with the internet and so many things that can influence your kids so to me you have to be around all the time because the one instance you put your guard down that’s when they can be looking in another direction so while they’re young I try to influence them as much as I can to make the right decisions so when they get older and they have to make decisions you just hope what you’ve instilled in them come into use.  But this is more about the ones who neglect there kids to do whatever and think it’s cool to put themselves before there kids, I mean we see it all the time the guys who rather go to the club or sports bar when your child is at home who probably is watching the same thing but you rather spend the time with the fellas instead of spending that time with your child, but the guys aren’t the only ones who do it this, there are mothers that do the same but I’ll address that in the future I’m talking to the fathers now.  We as a whole have to be a better parent because kids now are worse meaning behavior wise than ever and alot of it is due to not having a strong father figure around and alot of the times is they don’t know any better.  So if you read this and it pertains to you like I said do something about it and you know someone who’s like this, hell tell them about themselves or let them read this and it hit a nerve they can do something about it because our kids are in need of a positive direction and we’re the ones to lead them, so fellas if you’re one of the great fathers, I’m giving you your props and keep up the good work and to the ones who’s not doing it, realize that this is an issue and make a conscious effort to change and be there for your child.  Because you are your childs role model and they see everything and idolizes you so make it positive.