Taking Kids to Wrestling

Well before I talk about our night, let me state that I’ve been a wrestling fan for almost 25 years, I mean I remember growing up and watching it with 2 of my uncles who followed it religiously.  I mean I remember them having a huge collection of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines, staying up all night on Saturday nights watching wrestling from about 8pm to about 2 o’clock in the morning when I spent the night with either one of them.  Also my uncle Curt, god bless his soul would let me call the wrestling hotline which cost like 99 cent a minute if I remember correctly so that is how much they followed wrestling, so now my son and my oldest daughter follow it like I did when I was there age, so basically I see myself in them when I was there ages, so TNA wrestling had a event in my hometown and I know my kids watch it on TV, along with the WWE but it was so much fun taking them to see the event because at the venue where they had the event is where I have been to see several events when WCW/NWA was around which was a popular wrestling organization that went out of business back in 2001 when the WWE bought it from Time Warner, but when we first arrived there we met Booker T who is one of the wrestlers of the organizations who signed several autographs which unfortunately we didn’t take any paper or pens to get autographs but got several pictures of him and he was a cool guy who interracted with the fans and my kids were in awe of him seeing someone in person they’ve watched on TV dating back to the time he was in WWE, so he was the only wrestler we met going inside to take our seats for the event.  Going inside the arena we snapped alot of pictures of the ring and then took our seats and we seen alot of the wrestlers and TV personalities who were coming out behind the curtain before the event, also they were offering backstage passes for people who were tweeting the most, by the way I was tweeting like hell trying to get those passes for the kids, also you can follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/daddyshangout, but back to the event, this was a special event because one of the best wrestlers in the world A.J. Styles is from our town, which is being advertised as his homecoming.  While at the event we bought shirts Beer Money knockers, to people who don’t follow Beer Money is a popular tag team in TNA, after this it was time for the event to to start which consisted of alot of fan interaction and a total of 6 matches, which the main event was A.J Styles going against the champion Kurt Angle, which Styles picked up the win and after the match they offered to give away backstage passes but Styles took the microphone and said that too many fans wanted to go backstage so since this is his hometown he’s going to bring backstage to us, so alot of the wrestlers came from the back and signed autographs for the fans while Styles stayed in the ring and took pictures and signed autographs for 20 dollars which was cool, by this time my Iphone battery had died so I couldn’t take any more pictures and the kids had spent all the money so we were upset we didn’t get to take the picture in the ring but after manuvering around through fans we got the autograph of one wrestler, that was Super Mex Hernandez, which was cool because my daughter kind of like threw the Beer Money blow up bottle in his face he smiled at her , tapped her on the head with it and signed it for her and then gave me a nod like what’s up and signed my sons.  So that was our night and they were so happy and still a week later they are still talking about it which is cool because I remember being in there shoes at the same place but the only difference is they can go online to various sites to keep up with what goes on in the world of wrestling something I didn’t have when I was coming up, so if they come back again I’d definitely would be there.



  1. Dondiggitty says:

    That is really cool! Your kids will look back on moments like this in the future and smile from ear to ear. I think that’s cool that you guys can share things that all of you find interesting and make it special for the family as a whole. Every family moment shared is PRICELESS!!

    • thanx man, I know they will because I remember going to the same place to watch it all the time and til this day I still remember everything about it