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Well we’re 3 weeks into this season and I have to say that the season is off to a crazy start, I mean who knew the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-2 going into a huge matchup Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers, who have a record of 2-1.  Sticking with the AFC side of things with a couple of surprise teams in the New York Jets who are 3-0 with a win over the New England Patriots going into a week 4 showdown with the New Orleans Saints.  Another surprise team is the Cincinnati Bengals who go into week 4 have a record of 2-1 after upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday who also have a victory at the Green Bay Packers. Also in the AFC we have arguably the best team in the AFC the Baltimore Ravens whose offense looks great under 2nd year quarterback Joe Flacco, who have the 3rd ranked offense and the 7th ranked defense have a record of 3-0 who’ll have there biggest test this week when they travel to the 2-1 New England Patriots, as Tom Brady try to get back his rhythm from missing last year with a knee injury.  The we have the other undefeated team representing the AFC in the Denver Broncos, which comes as a surprise with all the off-season drama after hiring Josh McDaniel to become the coach and it was rumored that McDaniel tried to trade for Matt Cassel whom he helped coach in New England which angered franchise quarterback Jay Cutler, who get a real test after beating the Bengals, Browns and Raiders when they face the Cowboys Sunday.  In the AFC there are 3 winless teams in the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans, who were division winners last year and they have to deal with losing there quarterback Chad Pennington who hurt his shoulder and is out for the year.  Also in the AFC one of the favorites are the undefeated Indianapolis Colts who have the 5th ranked offense and Peyton Manning who so far is in MVP form has passed for 983 yards, 7 touchdowns and a passer rating of 117.7. Then we have in the AFC the Buffalo Bills who are 1-2, who signed Terrell Owens this offseason was held without a reception for the first time in 185 games, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans are also at 1-2.  Now onto the NFC where there are 3 undefeated teams one being the New York Giants who boast the 7th ranked offense and 2nd ranked defense going into there game in Kansas City.  Next we have the Minnesota Vikings who is still undefeated after the miraculous pass by Brett Favre heading into a Monday night showdown against the team he called his for 17 years in the 2-1 Green Bay Packers, which should be an exciting game and sure to be a talked about game during the week.  The we have the last undefeated team in the New Orleans Saints who possess the best offense in the league and the next to the last defense in the league are scoring an average of 40 points a game are headed into a showdown of undefeated teams with the New York Jets.  The there are 6 teams in the NFC that have a record of 2-1, one being the San Francisco 49ers who lead the NFC West who hold victories over division rivals Seattle and Arizona, there only loss came Sunday in the last moment against the Vikings, but they may have problems because there leading rusher Frank Gore will miss 3 weeks because of a bad ankle.  The Atlanta Falcons who’s coming off a loss to the New England Patriots will have a bye this week then travel to San Francisco on October 11th are led by Matt Ryan who boasts a QB rating of 100.4 and should continue to have a great year after the Falcons acquired future hall of famer tight end Tony Gonzalez from the Kansas City Chiefs.  Now in the NFC North we have the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears with a record of 2-1, the Bears who started the year off with a loss to the Green Bay Packers when newly acquired pro bowl quarterback threw 4 interceptions have rebounded to have to good games against the Seahawks and the Steelers.  Now in the NFC East the Dallas Cowboys and my favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles have a record of 2-1.  The Cowboys who go into week 4 with the 4th ranked offense coming off a huge win on Monday night against the Carolina Panthers, then we have the Philadelphia Eagles, who I don’t know if I mentioned are my favorite team are coming off a win against the Chiefs led by Kevin Kolb, who I must admit is looking good for the future for the Eagles, who have alot of good quarterbacks on the roster including Donovan McNabb who is currently nursing a cracked rib since week 1 against the Panthers, they also have Micheal Vick and Jeff Garcia, the Eagles boast the 8th ranked offense and the 5th ranked defense.  There are 4 teams that have a 1-2 record starting with the Washington Redskins who was the team who lost to the Detroit Lions, who happen to go winless last year are also 1-2 this year so far.  Then in the NFC West we have 2 teams that are 1-2, one of the teams are the Seattle Seahawks who opened the season with a 28-0 victory over division rival St. Louis Rams then followed by losses to the 49ers and Bears, who they lost quarterback Matt Hasselback to broke ribs against the 49ers.  The defending NFC champion Arizona Cardinals are also 1-2 when they opened the season with a lost to the 49ers followed by a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and this week a lost to the Indiananpolis Colts as they go into a bye week before facing the Houston Texans as they try to get back on track and try to make a run like last year.  The final 1-2 team in the NFC are the Detroit Lions, yes I said it right the Detroit Lions who won Sunday who actually look good who first 2 losses came against 2 undefeated teams in the Vikings and Saints, who seem to have a bright future with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson along with Kevin Smith at running back.  Well also there are 3 winless teams in the NFC one being the St. Louis Rams whose only bright spot is running back Stephen Jackson, they also have to deal with Marc Bulger who’s injured again looking like another long season and high draft pick for the Rams.  The other 2 winless teams come from the NFC South as one of the teams are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they travel to Washington and Philadelphia the next 2 weeks so they could be 0-5 after the next couple of weeks.  Then we have the Carolina Panthers who last year was a favorite to go to the Super Bowl and was expected to be a good team this year are going into the bye week thinking how they can right the ship before Washington visit them on the 11th of October, I think personally they need a quarterback change because Delhomme hasn’t been the same this year after last years playoff game were he threw 5 interceptions.  Well that’s it after 3 weeks of football which is sure to be an exciting season so until next time take care.


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