Brett Favre's comeback

Well 3 weeks into the football season I have to say one of the biggest stories is the successful return again of Brett Favre.  Now I have to admit that I was one of the people that was tired of tuning into ESPN everyday and seeing the drama just from this year, I mean I think we all seen it day in and day out from him saying he was retired for good to him negotiating with the Vikings and him actually coming back.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always been a huge fan of his, to be honest he’s one of my favorite football players of all time and a definite hall of famer whenever he hangs it up whether it’s next year or 3 years from now.  I mean let’s talk about his performances through the first 3 games and I’m not going to get into his statistics but the things he’s always done on the field that make him one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game, I mean you see him running around having fun and throwing blocks, he just seems like he’s having so much fun out on the field.  I mean I have to admit he still don’t look right in a Minnesota Vikings uniform seeing he played with the Green Bay Packers for 17 years but with that said I see the Vikings being one of the favorites in the NFC because they have a good defense and arguably the best running back in the league in Adrian Peterson so they have a good chance of making a Super Bowl run and this hinder on Favre’s health seeing he had arm troubles towards the end of the season with the New York Jets.  I’ll have more on Brett Favre as the season continues but for now we have to say so far his return for he Vikings have been a success, so I think the NFL have to look out for the Vikings because if Peterson and Favre remain healthy they can make a long run into the playoffs.