Something to Think About?

Well before I begin I appreciate to the people that left feedback on how they enjoyed my post, I really do appreciate it and also I want to explain why I don’t post alot and it’s because I’m not in it for money, even though it would be nice or anything like that but simply I want to bring up serious topics and give people something to think about.  I mean I could talk about meaningless things just to update my blog and also I could make alot of posts to make my page rank higher but once again that’s not me so before I go on like I’ve said thank you very much for the feedback and now to my issue for the day.  I have a question for mothers and fathers who blog as parent blogs, do you spend more time blogging or parenting I mean cause I visit other blogs and read where people spend alot of time with there blogs and I was just wondering is there life everything they write, which is usually good as far as doing all the parenting things.  Now the reason for this is that cause I wish I could do more on my blog but with working, my son doing sports and just doing parenting things I just don’t have the time, now I know that alot of parents have this time because they are stay at home parents and for those parents do you do all your blogging while the kids are at school and get offline when they come home, I mean I will try to at least post 1 or 2 times a week because I like to become more active on my blog and maybe get to know some followers and communicate with them, so until next time you all take care and be safe.



  1. stay @ home mom says:

    First off, are you a mom? Did you carry a child for 9 months then push the baby out of your crotch? I am going to assume NOT since you are bad mouthing SAHM who blog to help their husband support their family.

    Do you realize if women got paid for every job they did, we would make your income look like pennies. My husband once told me I had it easy. I didn’t do shit. Guess what? I proved him wrong many times over. See he once got to walk in my shoes minus the giving birth. I let him be the stay at home dad. He was eating his words after a few months.

    For you to sit here and JUDGE mothers that you know shit about makes you look pretty damn ignorant. For the record my husband supports everything I do. WHY? Because he loves me and he knows I am also helping out the family, just because I do not go to a 9 to 5 job. What I do DOES help a lot.

    Now let me recommend something to you, if your posts are going to be garbage like this why not only post once or twice a year. I mean if you are posting once or twice a week isn’t that time you could be cooking dinner? Taking trash out? Maybe working more hours so your wife doesn’t have to be on her blog all day? Just a suggestion. Can you also check into this thing called PARAGRAPHS, they work wonders.

    • not a mom who carried a child for 9 months but I’m a father who works 50+ hours a week, handle business at home as far as duties around the house like be there for my kids, help with homework and talk to them, also I cooking, washing, dry and fold clothes, do the dishes and clean around the house, but if my post don’t obtain to you then you shouldn’t get offended but if you’re getting offended then I must be hitting home, so don’t compare me to other husbands cause some of us do just as much as women.

  2. I’m a work from home mom. 99% of my blogging is done between midnight and 3am. Yes, that’s right, I sacrifice sleep to blog because it’s something I enjoy doing but also because it brings an additional income to our home. I spend my days being a parent.

    • I applaud you for that and this post was not to bash anyone who does it I just want feedback because I’ve done research before posting and wanted to know if parent bloggers spend more time blogging or parenting because in today’s society we as parents need to do so much more with our kids. I mean from TV to the internet or just kids around them in school or the neighborhood, I mean I think if some people were offended they should take a look in the mirror and see what they should do and at the same time if someone reads it and understand where I coming from then I appreciate it, but good luck with your blog an I will follow it.