Happy Birthday MLK

I mean I could write a long article about Martin Luther King and tell you what he’s meant not only to me but to this world or how the world is a better place because of the work he put in.  Now I’m sure you’ve seen on TV or read other articles about how his struggle paved the way for equality in all races and in people in general, I mean we’ve came along way but still have a ways to go but because of him we are still moving in the right direction and because of that I like to personally say Happy Birthday to you and may God continue to bless your soul.  Like I said I’m not writing a long article because I’m sure when reading this you’ve seen something somewhere about him and if not google his name and read up on him and see his accomplishments and the things he went through to spread his message. He is someone that as a father I share my knowledge with my kids and I have had them to read books and do research on him to see all he went through and just to understand history.