Trying to do the social networking thing……..

Well I must admit I’ve never been a social networking person nor have I claimed to be one, I guess this started when I heard about Myspace and people asking me about it and I have to admit it, never got into it or tried just wasn’t for me.  Well then came Facebook and still for the longest I could care less about it either, until I had a co-worker telling me about him connecting with friends he went to school with some 20 plus years ago and he says it’s totally different from myspace, something he said he tried for about 3 days and deleted his account.  So a couple of months ago I said well maybe I can reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in years because face it when we grow up and put family first you tend to drift apart because what once was all about being around them now was replaced with spending all your time with the family, which is something I love doing. 

I tried the Facebook thing out and he was right I found a lot of people I not only went to school with but people I haven’t seen in ages so that was a good thing to see a lot of the people I knew years ago was doing good and had families of there own.  But with everything that’s good about what I’ve seen there is also the bad because alot of people I’ve come across or seen from browsing haven’t changed and have the same mindset they had growing up or when they were younger.  I mean don’t get me wrong I know parents need a break sometimes and need to be around grown up settings like maybe going to a club or whatever people do these days………

man I sound really old even though I’m in my early 30s and haven’t been out in so long I can’t remember. when I did but back to the topic but I see a lot of them still worry about what goes on out in the public or care what people think about them on some he say she say stuff when they have kids themselves.  I mean I just never understood why parents even care about what most think about them when I believe as long as your kids love you that’s all you need but that’s just me but it’s really nice to be in touch with a lot of people I went to school and looking forward to meeting new people who follow blogs.


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