Happy Birthday Jada/No Love for the Princess and the Frog

I want to say Happy Birthday to my baby Jada who turned 5 this past week. Well we went out and I promised her for her birthday that the 2 of us would go and get her a new outfit. Okay guys who have daughters know that it’s hard to tell your baby no which is something I couldn’t do so an outfit turned into

I know I’ve been told that I got played by my now 5 year old daughter which to add to it she had her own money which she didn’t spend a dime of it. But it’s all good but her birthday was on Monday but we celebrated it this past Saturday cause it’s the weekend and it was actually beautiful weather. So on Saturday we got up early so we can get party items for Jada and she’s a big fan of the Princess and the Frog and we went to http://www.partycity.com/ to get supplies but when we got there we looked everywhere for some supplies and couldn’t find them no where. Well on the aisle where all the Princess items we looked everywhere they had buttons, pencils, cups and you name it

Now we’re getting upset because we’re thinking the Princess and the Frog was a major motion pictures in the theater and what the hell they don’t have it so we happen to look all the way down damn near behind a pole is a few items of hers . Maybe I’m looking to much into this then we get like the 3 items and get to the checkout where we asked the cashier about why they don’t carry her stuff and she was like cause we just don’t, now we’re pissed and just say forget we’re not giving business to a store who could care less.

Now my question to people why is Princess Tiana not given a chance to succeed like the previous Princesses Disney has always had? I mean is it because she’s black and the perception of a princess is not a black girl? I mean is it the businesses who carry it don’t want to carry it or is Disney like well we tried but she isn’t in demand as other characters but not marketing her at the same time? I mean I can’t go to local stores like a Target, Wal-Mart or any other store and purchase things for my daughters room. I mostly have to resort to ebay or some other online store and it’s priced so high because there’s not alot of the items around. Okay I’m finished with my rant but it’s something to think about. Take care and be blessed.


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  1. I agree. Why don’t they have Princess Tiana Birthday stuff? Even the Wal-mart here in Mississippi doesn’t even carry the doll! I am trying to plan a birthday for my little girl, that loves Tiana, and everything Tiana is so hard to find.

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