Aftermath of the Hell In A Cell PPV


Well we’ve just had the Hell In A Cell PPV and I think it could have been worse and it could have been better. But first of all they need to drop this gimmick PPV because seeing all the great and brutal Hell In A Cell matches we’ve had in the past, which was actually brutal nothing like the PG Era matches we have now. I mean we’ve had the first one between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker from the Badd Blood PPV back in 1997 to the epic one between the Undertaker and Mankind at the King of the Ring PPV in 1998, you know the one where Undertaker threw him off the cage. But you see where I’m going here. I just can’t see the promotion showing some of the great moments of the past to what we have now.

So let’s start the rant I mean like I said let’s cut the number of PPvs down to around 6 to 8, I know it’s big money for the WWE but anything is better than 13, I mean alot of the PPVs have little to no build at all. I mean they could put on so many good shows seeing if they properly build them and have guys who can actually wrestle be apart of the card. I mean Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd and just some good talent that could be putting on great matches. I know the WWE tried to get away from the wrestling aspect and be referred to as sports entertainment but the main reason fans show up is because of wrestling and they pop for good wrestling especially with a good buildup and story.

So let’s look at the PPVs they have and what I would change about them. Now in January they have the Royal Rumble which is perfectly fine with me and it’s traditional so I’d keep it. In February they have the Elimination Chamber which is a toss up for me because I actually like it but if kept they need to kill the PG stuff for this event because we’ve had these matches in the past and they were brutal but it scares me being so close to WrestleMania. Which leads me to the WrestleMania PPV, which is the granddaddy of them all, so no touching that. Then it’s on to Extreme Rules which I would eliminate because there really isn’t anything extreme about the PPV and a waste of time. The next 2 PPVs are Over the Limit and Capitol Punishment that take place in May and June respectively. But get rid of them and bring back the King of the Ring PPV, which is not only a great traditional PPV but it could create a star by having them wrestling all night and building them up. Then in July we have the Money In the Bank PPV which is one of the more exciting PPVs and have loved it since they started the concept. Of course in August they have SummerSlam which would be kept also. Night of Champions I would keep also but I would move it to another month and would have proper build seeing all the titles are being defended. Then we have the Hell In A Cell which I’ve stated that I would get rid of the PPV and maybe have a Hell In A Cell match at one of the PPVs to finish off a feud. Vengeance is the next PPV and I would keep this one also I like the name and if built properly and could be a great concept. The Survivor Series is also a keeper also so I wouldn’t touch that maybe I’d go with the old school 5-on-5 tag matches. Finally we have the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV also which I would get rid of also.

Now we have it I’d keep 8 PPVs and spread them out during the year and they’ll have proper build going into each one of them. Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, the returning King of the Ring, Money In the Bank, SummerSlam, Night of Champions, Vengeance and the Survivor Series are all keepers.

Now Saturday I’ll talk about what I would do with the talent moving forward so tune in to my next post.


Thank you.


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