WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 Review


Basically I’m going go match by match and only talk about skits or whatever that was of any importance. With that said let’s get to the review and remember I’m just a father who’s followed wrestling for over 25 years and not a professional writer just from a fan.

We start off with Christian who’s been feuding with Sheamus for the last few weeks costing each other title opportunities but as Christian walks out we see the Miz and R-Truth walking to ringside with tickets in hand but John Laurinaitis with security escorted them out of the building. Sheamus finally comes out to a nice reaction, by the way I’m a huge Sheamus fan, I just think he’s a really good wrestler and never seems to have a bad match.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Alot of back and forth action between these with Christian almost getting a nearfall after a second spear, with the first one happening on the floor. But Sheamus regained momentum and won with the Brogue Kick after about 14 minutes in a really good opening match. But I expected it out of these 2 guys because they both are good performers. 3.5/5


Next after Mark Henry was interviewed by Matt Striker we had the battle of Sin Caras next. Which they’ve been feuding for the past few weeks ever since the original Sin Cara returned to action to confront the other Sin Cara. It was revealed the past Smackdown that the (Black) Sin Cara took the original Sin Cara identity because in Mexico the (Blue) Sin Cara took the Mistico character from the other Sin Cara so he’s getting his revenge.Which led to this match.

Now actually someone who’s followed wrestling for a long time from different areas of the globe I am familiar with Mistico(Blue Sin Cara) and Hunico(Black Sin Cara) have quite a bit of history with each other. Not alot of people in America are used to the fast paced lucha style but this wasn’t the best match but it was bad either. Alot of action with alot of nice moves including a crossbody onto the floor and a nice armdrag from the top by the Blue SC. He won with a sunset flip to a powerbomb in about 9-10 mintes.  2/5

Air Boom vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

This was a really good match between 4 great competitors. Also alot of fast paced, back and forth action with the crowd really into this match throughout. WWE take note start pushing some of these young guys, the crowds love great wrestling. The finish saw Swagger trying to powerbomb Bourne from the top rope but was countered with a hurricanrana for the win. Afterwards Vickie was yelling at Swagger following the loss. 3.5/5

Next we had the World Heavyweight Championship match in a Cell between Randy Orton against Mark Henry. Alot of brawling in this match and not alot of newsworthy stuff to talk about in this match except that Henry kicked out of an RKO. But Henry retained the title with the Worlds Strongest Slam. After the match Henry attacked Orton and went to put the chair around the ankle of Orton like he’s done to other guys like the Big Show, Kane and the Great Khali but Orton moves before Henry lands on the chair. Orton picks up the chair and beats up Henry with it. 2.5/5

Cody Rhodes come out to cut a promo basically saying he wants to bring prestige back to the Intercontinental title which was held by greats such as Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, the late Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin, then he revealed the classic title belt, which is one of my all-time favorites. That he’ll wear it with more dignity and pride than everyone. Which led to John Laurinaitis to come out saying he’s going to defend his title against John Morrison.

Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Pretty decent back and forth action but nothing special and I’d expect more from these 2 guys. But Rhodes got the win after about 7 minutes with the Oklahoma Roll. 2/5

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Nothing really to say about this match but Beth should have been won the title but she finally captured it when Natalya hit Kelly with the microphone while the ref wasn’t looking which led to the Glam Slam to win the Divas Title. 2/5

Final Match saw the WWE Champ John Cena against C.M. Punk and Alberto Del Rio in the Hell In A Cell match. This was a really good match, which I think this was the match of the night. Alot of nearfalls and towards the end was a smart move by Del Rio which saw him hit Cena outside the cage and lock him out, which led to him winning the title when Punk went for the GTS but Del Rio laid him out with the pipe. 4/5

Post match, the cell raised up, Cena ran back in and also running in were The Miz & R-Truth wearing hoods. The announcers picked up on who they were immediately as did the fans. The cage lowered again, locking them all in. Who lowered the cage? Wow………..Another mystery. They beat up Del Rio, Punk & Cena as well as refs Scott Armstrong & Mike Chioda. Truth attacked the camera guys too. I really loved the beatdown. It was old school in its ways with Jim Ross yelling at the top of his lungs, which only added to the greatness of it. Everybody came down to ringside including Triple H, John Laurinaitis and the entire locker room. They couldn’t get inside the cell, so it was a situation where they were helpless. Finally, the cops made their way to ringside, a dude with a bolt cutter came out and Miz & Truth surrendered in the ring with everybody else down around them. The two cops escorted Truth & Miz out of the ring with handcuffs. As they walked down the aisle to huge heat, Triple H attacked both of them with fists to the head. The crowd loved that. It was a wild situation. Laurinaitis tried to break it up, but Hunter shoved him down. Two goons pulled off Triple H as the show ended with Miz & Truth getting taken away.

What a great way to end the PPV which leads to more uncertainty.

Overall PPV Rating: 3/5………Not great but not bad either I also added a 1/2 point for the chaos at the end of the PPV.

Next review: TNA Bound for Glory takes place on Sunday October 16.


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