10 holiday planning tips for men that keep the wife happy!


Guys it’s that time of year again! The Holiday countdown has officially started! Women seem to stress way too much during the holidays!! And we all know what that means as husbands!  I keep seeing the mom bloggers posting tips for each other so i thought I’d join in the fun and make a list for us guys! Here is my 10 Holiday planning tips to help your wife relax and enjoy the Holiday season.

1. Don’t stress! I see so many people that stress out during the holidays. Holidays are meant to be enjoyable. Having a plan of action during the busy season allows you to enjoy it more

2. Delegate! Don’t let your wife do everything herself. If you have a big Holiday dinner and parties make everyone bring a dish. I used to watch my wife cook everything. Not anymore! She was spending all day in the kitchen and by the time our guest arrived she was too tired to even enjoy them

3. Create a budget and stick to it! Don’t overspend! We create a budget each year. We make sure all the kids in the family have a gift. If we have extra we start going down the list starting with Grandparents. Adults know times are hard!

4. Send Christmas cards! We personally love sending out personalized photo cards.

This is something that doesn’t get trashed like regular cards. You can find a big selection at www.storkie.com , This allows you to show your distant family and friends you are thinking of them the holiday season. Another great idea is to send holiday boutiques from a flower delivery service that allows you to add greeting cards also.

5. Declutter! Right before the Holidays, we usually get rid of everything we don’t need. We donate it to shelters. This is not only good for you it helps others in need.

6. Grab the kids and decorate. My wife used to get so stressed out when it came to putting up the Christmas tree. Now I get the kids to help and we do most of the work. (she changes a few things around but hey it’s a start)This allows her time to do other important task.


7. Help with shopping. Yea I get it men really don’t like to shop but let’s face it we rather have a happy wife. I usually will take care of my side of the family while she is doing hers. I am also out on Black Friday waiting in lines and taking orders. ( I have gotten pretty good over the years)


8. Make her take a break. Take the kids out for the afternoon and let her have the house to herself. This gives her some time to get things done alone. Plus this allows the kids a time to pick out gifts for her.

9. Don’t wait till Christmas Eve night to put everything together! I have 13 years under my belt. Trust me something always seems to still go wrong! (plus I admit I like playing with the toys myself before the kids get them)


10. Christmas Eve- Tire the kids out! So they will want to go to bed early. When they are in the bed relax and let Santa come and go back to bed! Don’t bother waking the kids up. Trust me they will wake up soon enough! Who wants grouchy sleepy kids on Christmas morning! (learned that the hard way)


So Dad’s Share me your tips!! As the years pass I learn more each year.


I wrote this blog post while participating in the Storkie holiday blogging program. I received compensation for my participation. All opinions are 100% mine.




  1. Scott aka This Daddy says:

    WOW, Hard to believe its that time alread and we need to start thinking about the Holidays. Scary. Great tips and I will have to make sure I come back to get a refresher