TNA Bound For Glory 2011 PPV Review


On October 16th, TNA had it’s Bound for Glory PPV which is equivalent to WWEs WrestleMania being it’s there biggest PPV of the year. Plenty of storylines in and out of the ring was going onto the event. We’ve had the long build for the Sing/Hogan match and the build of Robert “Bobby” Roode as he faces Kurt Angle for the championship. The news out of the ring was Hogan basically dissing Roode saying he wasn’t ready to be a champion. Afterwards A.J Styles fired back at Hogan with comments on twitter. But on to the event and here we go. But also the Tag title match between Mexicans America and Ink Inc was a free stream match and held before the PPV started.



Well this was the official opener and usually the X-division always deliver a great match and this one was really good filled with high spots. One really cool spot was Kendrick hitting the sliced bread off the top rope for a nearfall. But in the end Aries won with the brainbuster. I must say that Aries is so far above the other X-division competitors right now it’s crazy. Rating= 3/5

Now if you’ve followed wrestling in the last 15  years you know this has produced some of the best matches, they’ve been rivals since the days of ECW in the mid to late 90s. I must say that Jerry Lynn can still go in the ring. Match was filled with crazy bumps and alot of weapons. Still a pretty decent match but if I suggest you google them to see some of there earlier matches. The ending came when RVD hit the Van Terminator. Afterwards they shook hands and posed for the crowd. Rating= 2.5/5

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

Now it seems that TNA has big plans for Crimson and maybe he will become a star but I just don’t see it. Now with that said I’m a huge Samoa Joe fan and been a fan of his and I don’t understand why they’re having him lose all the time. I really hope he jumps ship when his contract expires. Ok now I’m finish venting, now to the match. Well Crimson won with the spear on of course Samoa Joe. Nothing to be said about the match. Rating= 1.5/5

Bully Ray, love his character and he’s one of the best heels in the business. Alot of brawling in this match, also alot of weapons was used. One big spot saw Bubba hit the Bubba Bomb on Anderson through a table. The finish saw Anderson hit the Mic Check on Bubba throug a table for the win. Rating=2.5/5

Winter(c) vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Well this match was a disaster and had too much going on. You had Karen Jarrett, who was the special referee going against everything Mickie and Velvet was doing. Then Angelina Love who was in the corner of Winter interfering backfiring and then Winter spit the “red blood” in Karen face allowing Velvet Sky to hit the pedigree like move on Madison Rayne while Traci Brooks made the 3 count. Rating= 1.5/5

The storyline is that they’re best friends and Daniels has been bragging that he beat Styles the last time they fought and that Styles can’t beat him. Now these tow are great workers and Styles is one of my favorites. This match was horrible and the ending was worse. As Styles was going after Daniels in the corner with a screwdriver that was brought to the ring, Daniels took the mic and said “I Quit” and ran out of the ring. As Styles was walking up the ramp Daniels attacked him and said that Styles never beat him. Rating= 1.5/5

Well I didn’t care about this match at StarrCade 97, yeah almost 14 years ago so I didn’t care about it now. Just say Ric Flair was out there for the match and this was one of the slowest matches ever. After Sting won, Immortal came out and attacked him while Hogan was in the corner bleeding. Then Sting crawled to him and asked Hogan to help him and then out of nowhere Hogan turn face and the crowd to love it but I don’t understand the logic of this but Hogan helps Sting fight off Immortal and in the end they shake hands. Rating 1/5

Now time for the main event and they have done a good job at building Roode up for his world title opportunity. Now Angle entered the match having an issue with his hamstring. Roode is probably my favorite in TNA right now so I was happy for him getting the opportunity. Even though Angle was hurt it turned out to be a pretty good match with Angle getting the win in controversial fashion when not only he held the rope to pin Roode but Roode had his arm under the rope. It felt rushed and just came off bad, seeing that Angle is hurt this was the perfect time to put the belt on Roode but rumor has it that Hogan lobbied for Roode not to win the title because he’s blasted him saying he was ready. Rating=3/5

Overall= 1.75/5. Only matches that were worth a damn was the opener and the main event. For this to be the biggest PPV of the year TNA really dropped the ball. I don’t have nothing else to say about it.


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