WWE Vengeance 2011 PPV Review


Well here we go again, the WWE held another PPV Sunday called Vengeance. I guess this is like the 3rd PPV for them in the last month and a half I guess. But enough talking and let’s get to the review.



The show started out with the match for the tag team championship with Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Air Boom defending the titles against Jack Swagger and United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, which are 4 of my favorite wrestlers together. The match was a pretty good tag match with a nice spot early in the match where Bourne went for the Air Bourne on Swagger but landed on Swagger knees. The heels were in control of most of the match until Kofi got the hot tag and eventually hit the Trouble In Paradise on Ziggler then tagged Bourne in then he hit the Air Bourne on him for the win. Rating= 3.5/5

Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Zack Ryder

Right after the match after Ziggler was pinned Zack Ryder music hit and it was time for the match for the United States championship. Noticed lately they’ve been showcasing Ziggler alot, which is a good thing he’s probably one of, if not the best worker the WWE have. Well there were a few near pinfalls in the match, Air Boom who just finished there match were in the corner of Ryder since Swagger and Vickie Guerrero were in the corner of Ziggler but Air Boom was banned by the referee after throwing Ziggler in the ring after went to the outside. Ryder got in alot of offense but eventually lost because of the constant interference by Guerrero and Swagger when he was super kicked by Ziggler for the win and kept the title. Rating= 2.5/5

In the WWE there really isn’t much expected from a Divas match which really isn’t the Divas fault at times because they’ve lacked storylines, but lately it has been improvements. This match isn’t as bad as I seen some rated it. Nice pace with some nice moves hit by both with Eve showing alot of athletic abilities and had a nice spot in the where Beth went for the Glam Slam but Eve reversed it sending Beth into the ropes. Then Beth used alot of power moves and in the end winning with the Glam Slam. Rating=2/5

The two have been feuding for a couple of months now and they are really good workers so I was all for the match which had alot of nearfalls and was a very physical match. Sheamus picked up the win here with the Brogue Kick when Christian went for the spear, nice match just wish it would’ve went longer. Rating= 3/5

There was a really nice video package of the “chaos” that has been going on in the WWE since the Money In the Bank PPV in July. Alot of back and forth actions in this match, started out with HHH and CM Punk using heel double team tactics when the referee back was turned. Then eventually Miz and R-Truth worked on HHH alot. Eventually HHH made the hot tag to CM Punk after hitting the Miz with a big clothesline. Punk came in with alot of offense and had alot of momentum until Kevin Nash came through the crowd and attacked HHH. In the ring CM Punk had the Miz on his shoulders to deliver the GTS but R-Truth interfered and they hit there finishers at the same time, which they call “The Little Jimmy Finale.” I really like the team of Awesome Truth. After Nash assaulted HHH some more he hit a nasty jacknife powerbomb on the back of HHHs neck. Rating= 3.5/5

The two guys here have a long history going back to there time in Legacy together along with Ted DiBease. This feud started when they had a match on Smackdown a few weeks back and Orton hit Rhodes on the side of the head with the ring bell causing Rhodes to bleed everywhere and having 9 staples being put in his head to close his wound. This was a really nice back and forth match with both guys getting in alot of offense. The finish saw Orton hitting the RKO after tossing Rhodes into one of his baggers. Rating= 2.5/5

Afterwards they plugged the return to action of the Rock at the 25th Anniversary of the Survivor Series.I must admit I’m going to mark out when this happens.

Well these two guys also have a history with each other. if we recall Big Show was on a tear after Alberto Del Rio ran him over when Mark Henry came out to fight the Big Show when he was knocked out cold by Big Show. Later on when Big Show was fighting Del Rio, Mark Henry came out and cost Big Show the match which led to a match at the Money In the Bank PPV where Henry beat Show and then proceeded to break his ankle afterwards. Big Show came back a couple of weeks ago leading to the match. Alot of brawling and power moves from these two. One sick move was the Big Show chokeslamming Mark Henry from the top rope but Henry kicked out it. The finish saw Big Show going up to the top rope but was caught by Henry and went to superflex Big Show off the top rope and the ring collapsed to end the match like what happened a few years back between Brock Lesnar and the Big Show. The Big Show had to be carted off and Mark Henry refused medical attention and stumbled to the back under his own power. Rating= 2/5

This was a Last Man Standing match and the match went on even though the ring was messed up from the previous match. There were alot of back and forth action. They also fought everywhere from outside the ring, up the aisle, in the backstage area and through the crowd. They fought everywhere and this was a great match and they had great chemistry with one another. They both took some good bumps. The finish came when Cena gave the AA to Del Rio off the steel steps through the announce table. Cena went into the ring for the ref can count Del Rio out but the Miz and R-Truth came in and beat down Cena while Del Rio was getting up. But Cena got to his feet at the 9 count but Del Rio ran into the ring and hit him with the belt and then Cena was counted out and Del Rio won. Rating=4/5

Overall= 3/5– This was a nice PPV even though I didn’t really have high hopes for it seeing that they’re going to hype up the Survivor Series seeing not only it’s the 25th Anniversary of the PPV but also with the return of the Rock to action. But there was a great main event, then there were alot of good matches and there wasn’t really any bad matches.

Hope you enjoyed the review and I’ll be back for the TNA Turning Point PPV.


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