TNA Genesis 2012 PPV Review

Ok I was so busy towards the end of the year I didn’t get a chance to review I believe the last couple of PPVs which I’m sorry for but I’m back and this is for TNAs first PPV of the year Genesis.



The show started by showing Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy arrive as they battle for the World Title in the main event. We start the PPV off with a 4 corners match for the X Division title between the champion Austin Aries, Xema Ion, Jesse Sorensen and Kid Kash.

We start with all men in the ring battling before Aries and Kash is tossed out leaving Ion and Sorensen go at it for a couple of minutes. Really nice spot early when Kash go for a reverse suplex on Ion from the top rope but Sorensen also power bombs Kash in the process, Nice spot. Aries sneaks in and attempt to pin all 3 one after another. Another nice spot when Zema Ion done a corkscrew move onto Kash and Aries from the top rope to the outside. Then Sorensen done a swanton dive from the top rope onto all 3 on the outside. Ion done his 360 splash from the top rope onto Kash to eliminate him then Aries tried to one up Ion by doing the same to Sorensen but he kicked out at 2 and a half. Sorenesen hit a big crossbody on Aries for a 2 count. Sorenson then eliminated Ion with a small package for the 3 count. Even though eliminated Ion disrupted both men from getting 3 counts. Ion disrtacted Sorenson when he went to the top rope allowing Aries to hit a brain buster from the top rope for the win.

Winner and Still Champion: Austin Aries   Match Rating: 3.5/5- Great opener, alot of action.

After recapping the history of The Pope and Devon we get to the match. Alot of brawling throughout the match while Devon’s sons look on, who came to the ring with The Pope after turning on him. Pope ordered them again to attack there dad and when they didn’t he beat both of them up. This prompted Devon to get up and beat the Pope up. Devon picked up the win after dropping the Pope on his head. Then after the match we had a feel good moment when Devons sons came into the ring and hugged there dad.

Winner: Devon     Match Rating: 2/5

Bully Next we have RVD taking on Gunner with Ric Flair in his corner. Alot of back and forth action, nothing special. Until Gunner DDT’d on the concrete while Flair distracted the referee. Gunner rolled him back in and got the 3 count. Seeing RVD do the stretcher job, one had to think we’ve seen the last of him. Rumors of him leaving TNA.

Winner: Gunner w/Ric Flair       Match Rating: 1.5/5

Before the match Madison Rayne was made to get inside a cage outside the ring to keep her from being a distraction by Velvet Sky. Alot of back and forth action between, good match also. Rayne threw Kim some brass knuckles but the referee saw them but she threw another pair and James kicked Kim and then picked up the brass knuckles hit Gail Kim with them to get disqualified.The crowd was yelling “bullshit”

Winner and Still Champion: Gail Kim by DQ      Match Rating: 2.5/5- I hate DQ finishes like that.


Bully Ray started out playing mind games by avoiding Abyss and going to the outside. Then they grabbed chairs and start sword fighting with chairs until Ray knocked the chair out of the hands of Abyss then hit him in the back with his. After a quick exchange Ray grabbed a chain from his shorts and Abyss picked up a chair. Abyss blocked the chain with the chair then hit Ray with a chair to the back then going on the outside to throw weapons in the ring. Alot of action back and forth with Abyss arm being busted open. They used tables, kendo sticks, trash cans, chains, tables with barbed wire and thumb tacks. Sick spot where Abyss was sandwiched between the 2 tables with barbed wire and Bully done a back splash to the table with Abyss between them. Another sick spot was Abyss choke slamming Ray on the tacks. Then after that Bully beat the hell out of Abyss with the kendo stick. Abyss picks up the win after hitting the Black Hole Slam on the table with the barbed wire.

Winner: Abyss             Match Rating: 4/5- Really good match, very physical and alot of weapons were used.

We start out with Joe and Morgan with a little exchange then they tag in Magnus and Crimson. Not really much happened in this match. Finish came when Crimson and Morgan double choke slammed Magnus.

Winners and Still Champs: Morgan and Crimson          Match Rating: 2/5

Nice video package detailing there feud over the past couple of months. Very slow match after hitting his patented 3 back suplexes, Angle actually hit a moonsault from the top rope. James went for his superkick but was reversed to an Angle Slam for a 2 count. Storm went to the top rope but Angle ran up the turnbuckle and wanted to do his belly to belly suplex from the top but Storm stopped it and bit Angle to knock him down which was followed by a elbow from the top. Angle picked up the win when he pulled the referee in front of him when Storm was going for the superkick which distracted the referee allowing Angle to hit a low blow on Storm then kicked him in the head for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle            Match Rating: 3/5- Not as good as there last match

Once again a nice little video package highlighting the feud between the two. Hardy was in control in the earlier part of the match. Nice spot earlier on the outside where Hardy jumped off the steps onto Roode who was set up against the guard rail. Hardy’s offense was alot of high flying and Roode’s was more mat based. Roode tried to take his title and leave but but was chased down by Hardy. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and then the Whispers in the Night on Roode for a  count. Roode tried to leave with the title again. The match ending when Roode kicked the referee to get disqualified.Afterwards Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb.

Winner: Jeff Hardy but Roode is still the Champ           Match Rating: 2.5/5- Match never had any rhythm to it.


Overall: I’d give this PPV probably a 5/10, meaning it wasn’t bad or it wasn’t really good either. Match of the Night was the Monster’s Ball match. I also think they need to have there PPVs elsewhere because it feels like you’re watching an Impact episode.


Top 3 Matches:

1. Abyss/Bully Ray

2. X-Division Match

3. Storm/Angle




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