WWE Monday Night Raw Review 1/23/2012

What I’ll do is basically talk about what I like and what I dislike about Raw, as I’ll do the same for Smackdown and also TNA Impact.



Punk, Cena and Laurinaitis Promo: I really like the direction so far of the Laurinaitis and Punk feud is going, also it’s a nice twist having Cena talk about his issues with Laurinaitis regarding Zach Ryder. It was a nice set up for what happens later in the show.

Punk/Cena vs. Swagger/Ziggler: Nice tag match which saw Laurinaitis get involved again to help Ziggler get the win. Basically a good way to help sell the PPV making it seems like Punk could lose the belt.

Chris Jericho: I’ve seen alot of people are upset about what he’s doing, he’s building anticipation for something. Nice package put together also his run in the WWE until now. I think alot of people want instant results, which is cool but I like storytelling. Look forward to what happens at the Royal Rumble Sunday.

Royal Rumble Hype: I love the video package to build for the Royal Rumble.

Miz/R-Truth Backstage: I must admit I hate when they broke up because I think the Awesome Truth team had potential, they were perfect together but R-Truth has been one of the most entertaining guys this past year and the Miz is awesome also.

Brodus Clay: When he debuted I was like what the hell is this. What are they doing to him? But he’s became over with the fans and I actually like it. Oh yeah he beat Heath Slater. But the thing with Clay is he can go in the ring.

Miz vs. R-Truth: Nice twist having the loser to enter the Royal Rumble at #1. I like both of these guys and wouldn’t mind seeing them feud over a title. Also please WWE put a title on Truth.

The Ending of Raw: From the announcement of Laurinaitis job being under review, to the return of Triple H to rule on his future, Punk putting Laurinaitis in the GTS and Ziggler attacking Punk from behind hitting the Zig Zag. Not only built more to the PPV but have you looking forward to next weeks Raw.



Kane vs. Zack Ryder: Not a fan of the actual match but it seems for some reason they’re writing off Ryder and Kane is the right person to do it. Kane has been money since returning and maybe this will help Ryder’s overall character development. Also is Cena embracing the hate? He was mad after Eve told him he was to blame for Ryder being hurt.

Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal: I’ll be honest I fast forwarded the match and definitely not because of Sheamus, because he’s one of my favorites but I just don’t like Mahal. Maybe they’re trying to make him another Muhammed Hussan but he’s nowhere close.


Ok I hope you enjoy my review for Monday Night Raw, I’ll be back Friday to review TNA Impact and then Saturday to review Friday Night Smackdown.


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