TNA Impact Review 1/26/2012

Well like I did with my first Monday Night Raw review I’ll basically talk about what I like or what I didn’t like on the program.


Jeff Hardy/Bull Ray Backstage Brawl: I’m guessing with Bully Ray getting himself involved with Hardy matches and causing him the title they’re going to feud. It’s cool because I think Ray is one of the best heels in the business now. Nice way to start off Impact. Also seen Roode jump out of a truck to assist Ray. They throw Hardy in the back of the truck Roode got out of but Storm makes the save and gets beat up until Sting makes the save.

Sting/Hardy/Storm/Roode/Ray In Ring Segment: Sting tried to calm them down but eventually had to use force to keep them apart, builds more tension while setting up a tag match for later.

Zema Ion/Alex Shelley: Nice to see Shelley back, he’s gold in the ring and one of my favorites.

A.J Styles/Daniels/Kazarian: The only reason I liked this is because Daniels mentioned my hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.

Bully Ray/Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy/James Storm Tables Match: Nice match with alot of action back and forth with Storm getting the win for his team when Hardy held Roode on the table while storm splashed him though it. Afterwards Ray beat down Hardy and Storm with a chair then later him a powerbomb on Hardy through the table from the middle rope.


Tara/Mickie James/Velvet Sky: Very sloppy match but you can expect that having Velvet in it. I am looking forward to the Tara vs. Gail Kim match though, they’re both good wrestlers.

Eric Young/ODB vs. Angelina Love/Winter: Don’t like this storyline, point blank.

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe: Didn’t like the match at all, I just think Joe should be doing something better.


Well that was my first Impact review I’d give the show about a 3.5/5 rating. Take care until next time.


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