WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review 1/27/2012

Ok I’m back again but this time it’s for Friday Night Smackdown. Let’s Do this.



Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Mark Henry opening: I like how Show is showing he’s vulnerable since he ran into A.J, Bryan’s girlfriend, Bryan is taking his new character and running with it. He’s already a great wrestler and now adding character makes him much better. Mark Henry joined them with a promo also which prompted Teddy Long to come out and make a match between Mark Henry and Big Show.

Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel: I like the action between the 2 the few minutes they fought. I think Rhodes will be a world champion this year, he is gold right now and it’s amazing how far hes come. I believe Gabriel have a bright future also, I think he need a character change.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre: 2 of my favorites in the WWE, they work well together and I really wish Sheamus had a legitimate feud but maybe they’re waiting for Christian to come back from injury. Also I don’t know what they’re doing with McIntyre but he should be battling for a title, he’s too talented.

Yoshi Tatsu on TV: I’ve been a fan of his since he was on ECW and wish they would do something with him. With alot of these guys like him, Gabriel and Sin Cara, whenever he returns I think the cruiserweight titel should return.

Randy Orton/Wade Barrett: Though I hate Orton returning on Smackdown, this was a nice segment. Love the RKOs to everyone in the ring.

Brodus Clay: Big fan of this gimmick, like I’ve said in the Raw Review.



Randy Orton return: Why did they have him return to Smackdown before the Royal Rumble, I believe they could’ve played this up a whole lot better. I would’ve talked about him being out for a while and have him return @ the Rumble. Also more could’ve been done with his feud with Barrett.

Epico/Primo vs. Santino Morella/Yoshi Tatsu: Basic match, I really wish they’d give Yoshi someone worth a damn to be a contender for the tag titles.

Hunico vs. Ted DiBease: This little feud is not interesting at all. Maybe with this injury could be a blessing in disguise for DiBease. I think he’s a hell of a wrestler.

Alex Riley: What happened? I mean he went from feuding with the Miz to never seeing him.

Aksana vs. Natalya: I hate what they’re doing to Natalya. I think she’s the best woman’s wrestler in the WWE.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show: Not a fan of the match and it’s been said Henry injured his knee, which is the reason why he collapsed in the ring. But with the Bryan involvement they’ve built the triple threat match for the title in the cage at the Rumble.


Overall the show was average, I’d give it a 2.5/5. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble, which is one of my favorite PPVs. Check me out next week as I’ll review the Royal Rumble, Raw, Impact and Smackdown.


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