Where Should Peyton Manning Go?


Let’s get straight to it, I mean if you follow sports and football in general you know about Manning being released by the Colts a little over a week ago. You also know the history of Manning the last year and a half, he missed the entire season last year after having 4 neck procedures in the past 19 months. Well there was a video that showed him throwing like the old Manning and now the question is where will he go to next? Well if you watch ESPN or any other sports station that has followed this saga it seems like they’ve narrowed down his likely destinations. I’m going to name my top 4 teams which will be the best place for him to go in no particular order. Now I’m not a Colts fan or anything like that, I am a proud Philadelphia Eagles fan but I think at the same time that Manning is the best QB ever, yeah I said it. But let’s do it.



Tennessee Titans– First off, Manning played his college ball in Tennessee so he will definitely sell tickets for them, let’s be honest wherever he goes season tickets sales will rise quickly. On the defensive side of the ball they were really good, ranking 8th in the league in total defense but they may not rank that high next year seeing they lost Finnegan to the Rams. He would inherit the 22nd ranked offense in the league but with them adding Guard Steve Hutchinson via free agency, then add a in shape Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt returning from a knee injury this is an intriguing team. Oh yeah he would play his old team twice also. Very good chance of them landing him next year.

Arizona Cardinals I know they signed Kevin Kolb last year to a 6 year contract but I don’t think it worked out the way they wanted it too, also if you have a chance to have a Manning to Fitzgerald duo, who wouldn’t go for that. Sure they had the 17th ranked defense in the league but those numbers would be better with Manning at the helm seeing he has alot of long drives which keeps the defense off the field.

San Francisco 49ers– To me this is the perfect scenario for him. With Alex Smith last year they had the 10th ranked offense. Also he wouldn’t have to try and win games by himself because they boasted the 2nd ranked defense, which could take a hit if they don’t re-sign Carlos Rogers. But they signed future Hall-of-Famer Randy Moss to play along side of Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, who played liked a beast at Tight End, especially in the playoffs, also he would have a good running back in Frank Gore also. Last year they finished 13-3.

Atlanta Falcons– Okay, you’re probably thinking hold up! The Falcons, but they have Matt Ryan aka Matt Ice. You’re right, they do. He’s entering his 5th year as the teams signal caller and I believe he’ll have one more year on his six year rookie deal. Look I’m just not sold on him leading the Falcons to where the want to go. So I’d trade him to a team like the Dolphins who need a QB and they could build around him for some draft picks, which they need seeing they gave alot away to get Julio Jones. Use those picks to either draft offensive linemen or a pass rusher and cornerback. But there is no reason there offense shouldn’t be more explosive with Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas, Michael Turner and Jason Snelling. They have good receivers and a good running game, also they play in a dome.


So give me feedback and maybe tell me some other teams he could be a great asset and take them to that next level.