WWE Over The Limit 2012 Review



Here we go again for another review, this time it’s for WWE Over The Limit PPV. Coming into this PPV, I was really looking forward to the WWE title match between C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan, if you followed wrestling and then you know the history they have dating back to Ring of Honor. Then I was looking forward to the fatal four way title match between Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. Let’s get started.

Battle Royal For A Chance at the Intercontinental or United States Championship

The PPV kicked out with the wrestlers in the ring, which was strange because there were no intro video or video packages detailing any feuds. Heath Slater was the first to be eliminated, then Michael McGuilicutty was eliminated by the Great Khali. The Usos superkicked JTG out of the ring. Drew McIntyre suplexed Yoshi Totsui out of the ring. Ezekiel Jackson was eliminated. One of the Usos was eliminated by Titus Young and Titus O’Neil followed by Drew McIntyre(why isn’t this guy being pushed), Khali eliminated Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks and Jinder Mahal. Titus Young and Darren Young eliminated Khali with the help of Miz. Titus O’Neil was eliminated by the other Uso Brothers. Darren Young eliminated the other Uso Brother. William Regal was eliminated by Christian, which drew some boos. Darren Young was eliminated by Alex Riley. Riley was eliminated by the Miz. Tyson Kidd, The Miz, David Otunga and Christian was left. Kidd got alot of offense in to the delight of the crowd before being eliminated by the Miz and Otunga. Otunga and Miz double teamed Christian until he eliminated Otunga, leaving the Miz and Christian as the last 2. They fought until Christian finally eliminated the Miz and he indicated like he was going to face Marello. Winner: Chrisitan

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Nice opener, which got the crowd going and nice for Christian to return for the victory.

This match started off with Swagger and Kingston, this match I was looking forward to also, these 4 can really wrestle. Fast paced action between these 2, when Kofi tagged in Truth. The first few minutes saw Kofi and Truth in control, but Ziggler was able to isolate Kofi after a nice slam. Truth hit the flying forearm on Swagger and then a front suplex. Guerrero jumped on the apron. Ziggler went on the apron, but Truth knocked him down. That allowed Swagger to threw Truth into the post and hit a Swagger Bomb for two. Truth countered a neckbreaker into a rollup, so Ziggler followed up with a dropkick for the two count. Nice double team maneuver by Ziggler and Swagger that saw Ziggler drop him with a facebuster. Truth hit a nice tornado DDT on Swagger, which led to the hot tag to Kingston and Ziggler also got the tag. Kingston hit his fast paced offense including an awesome dropkick followed by the Boom Drop. Ziggler avoided Trouble in Paradise. Kingston hit a springboard crossbody for two. Swagger got flipped out to the floor. Ziggler hit the Fameasser for two, which was broken up by Truth. Truth hit a dive over the top to knock down Swagger. Ziggler charged at Kofi with a leaping attack, but Kofi countered with Trouble in Paradise for the win. Winners and Still Tag Team Champs: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

Match Rating: 3/5- Really good tag match, don’t know why the WWE don’t start taking the tag division seriously.

Layla started by using her quickness against the power of Beth Phoenix. Phoenix did a nice power move by grabbing Layla’s injured right knee and rammed it against Beth’s own shoulder. She worked over Layla’s knee for a while, Layla was out for a year with a knee injury. Phoenix clipped the back of Layla’s knee and then used a variety of moves to work on it. Beth put her in a submission move on the knee while asking the referee to ask her, to see if she wants to quit. Layla was able to come back with a dropkick that sent Phoenix to the floor. Phoenix was able to recover, put Layla in a Gorilla Press position and Layla was able to counter into a DDT for two. Nice spot there. Phoenix drove her to the corner. Layla went for a DDT out of the corner. Phoenix turned it into the Glam Slam. Layla countered it with the front roll, Beth rolled her up, grabbed tights and that got two. Layla ended up winning with the Lay Out neckbreaker. There were some “We Want Kharma” chants at the start of the match. Winner and Still Divas Champ: Layla

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Actually a nice match which told a story with Beth working on the knee of Layla. Nice spots also.

It started off with Orton and Sheamus knocking the heels out before facing off with eachother. Then the heels attacked them to get control. Orton brawled with Jericho on the floor while Sheamus went after Del Rio. Back in the ring, Orton went at it with Sheamus. Jericho pulled Sheamus to the floor while Del Rio stomped away at Orton and there were some “si” chants for that. Jericho and Del Rio worked over Orton while Sheamus was out on the floor. Then they went after Sheamus, going after his injured shoulder and then whipping him right into the announce table. In the ring, Orton recovered with a dropkick on Del Rio and then a suplex on Jericho. Del Rio ended up on the floor while Jericho hit an enziguiri on Orton. He hit a baseball slide dropkick on Sheamus to keep him out of the ring. Very quick paced match, Sheamus knocked Jericho and Orton off the top rope. Then he hit a shoulder block on Del Rio for two. Sheamus put Del Rio down with a slam, so Ricardo Rodriguez jumped on the apron and then Del Rio came back to nail Sheamus with an enziguiri that led to a two count. Sheamus did his ten punches to the chest of Del Rio while he was in the ropes. Jericho knocked both of them to the floor. Orton snuck up behind Jericho. He hit a powerslam on Jericho and then Sheamus. He hit the DDT off the ropes on Sheamus. Del Rio snuck into the ring and put the Cross Armbreaker on Orton. Jericho broke it up. Jericho went for the Lionsault on Del Rio, but that missed. Orton hit his backbreaker on Jericho. Del Rio broke that up. Sheamus hit a backbreaker on Del Rio. Sheamus rolled up Orton for two. Ricardo tried to interfere, so Orton hit the double DDT off the ropes to Del Rio and Ricardo, which got a two on Del Rio. Jericho avoided a RKO and hit a Codebreaker on Orton, but Randy fell out of the ring. Del Rio put the Cross Armbreaker on Jericho, who turned it into the Walls of Jericho to a big pop. Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick. Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Sheamus for two. Jericho countered a Sheamus attack leading to the Walls of Jericho by Jericho on Sheamus. Orton gave Jericho the RKO while he had the Walls on. Del Rio broke it up at two. RKO on Del Rio. Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Orton. Jericho went for a rollup on Sheamus for two. Sheamus hit Jericho with White Noise for the win. Winner and Still Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Match Rating: 3/5- Nice paced and fun match, all the guys worked hard.

The Miz vs. Brodus Clay

I’m not even going to waste my time, they need to put Clay in a real feud, also they need to do something with Miz. Winner: Brodus Clay

Match Rating: 1/5

After some very early offense from Christian, Rhodes was able to dominate and work him over. Rhodes hit a superplex on Christian. Christian came back with a clothesline that sent both guys flying over the top rope to the floor. Rhodes hit a Disaster Kick by using the steps to assist him. He rolled Christian into the ring for a count of two. Christian avoided a double axe off the top, then hit a kick to the face and a dropkick off the middle rope. Christian dropped him across the middle rope and hit him with a punch. Christian missed a cross body off the top. Rhodes rolled him up for two. Christian went for a Tornado DDT, but Cody countered. Cody hit a moonsault on Christian for two. Cody was angry about it. Christian came back by throwing Rhodes into the turnbuckle. Christian followed it up with the Killswitch for the victory. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Christian

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Match would’ve been better if it was given more time.

This was the match I was looking forward to the most. There were dueling “CM Punk/Daniel Bryan” chants at the beginning. Punk put him in a leg lock submission while the announcers put over Bryan’s ability to get out of holds. Bryan fought out, delivered a series of kicks and Punk was able to come back. He stomped the back of Bryan into the mat while he was in a surfboard type hold. That was cool. Punk gave Bryan a kneebreaker and he followed it up by throwing Punk over the top to the floor. Bryan rammed him into the security wall. Back in the ring, Bryan hit his awesome missile dropkick for two. Bryan gave him an abdominal stretch because Punk has sore ribs and a sore back due to the attack of Kane on Smackdown. Punk tried to fight back with the figure four, but Bryan rolled him up for a count of two. Bryan kicked him in the back for two. The dueling chants continued although it’s not like the guys want to chant against Punk either. There were “yes” chants as Bryan stepped on the back of Punk’s knees and pulled back on his arms. He yelled “yes” as he put Punk in the surfboard. Bryan hit two running knees to the back of Punk. Bryan dropped him with a suplex. He went to the top rope and hit a flying headbutt for the count of two. Bryan tried to wear him down, but Punk was able to make his comeback. He hit a side kick followed by a neckbreaker. Bryan blocked a corner charge by getting his foot up and then Punk hit a powerslam for two. Bryan charged at him and Punk gave him a back body drop over the top to the floor. Punk hit a dive between the middle and top rope that knocked Bryan down. Punk went for a springboard attack. Bryan countered with a dropkick to the ribs. Bryan attacked with a series of kicks. Punk blocked the last one, gave him a dragon screw legwhip and then put him in the Figure Four Leglock. They had a punch fest while they were in the FFL. Bryan was able to get to the ropes so Punk was forced to let go. After each guy went for a rollup, Bryan decked him with a stiff kick to the head. That got him a count of two. We’re at the twenty minute mark now as a “this is awesome” chant breaks out. The crowd is absolutely right about its awesomeness. In the corner, Bryan tried to set him up for a superplex. Punk shoved him off, Bryan got crotched and Punk hit a springboard clothesline while Bryan was sitting on the top rope. That got him a count of two. They had a slugfest while on their knees. Punk won that, went for the Go to Sleep and Bryan escaped. They each got a nearfall. Bryan went for the Yes Lock, but Punk fought out of it and gave him a slingshot. Bryan did a skin the mat move to get back in. Punk kicked him for a count of two as Bryan got his foot on the rope. Punk was able to keep Bryan down. Punk went to the top rope and delivered the top rope Flying Elbow for a count of two. A small “Randy Savage” chant broke out on this day, which is the one year anniversary of his death. Punk sold like he couldn’t cover because his back and ribs were hurting. Bryan fought back with a series of knees to the ribs. His corner charge missed as Punk moved. Punk hit his running knee in the corner. Bryan countered the bulldog out of the corner with the Yes Lock! Bryan had him in the hold. Punk rolled back. Bryan’s shoulders were down for a three count and just as the ref counted to three, Punk tapped him on the shoulder as a tap out. The replay showed that Bryan’s shoulders were down before the tap out. Winner and Still WWE Champion: C.M. Punk

Match Rating: 4.75/5- Wow, what a match. I loved this match, one of, if not the match of the year.

Ryback vs. Camacho

I actually like this Ryback character, but I’m still tired of these squash matches on a PPV. Winner: Ryback

Match Rating: 1/5

First of all, let me say, I hate not having the World Title match not being the main event. This match made me feel like this evening more. JL tried to run away. Cena decked him with a clothesline. Cena pulled him back into the ring. He pulled up his top and chopped him hard in the chest followed by a hard chop to the back. Cena set him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Instead he gave him an airplane spin. Laurinaitis tumbled to the floor. Cena grabbed the ring bell and rang it by the head of Laurinaitis. Cena rammed him face first into the announce tables. They replayed the Laurinaitis fall after the airplane spin. They sat in the chairs at the Spanish announce table. They put on the headsets and Cena imitated the announcers. Laurinatis said “five time” after Cena said he was Booker T. Cena grabbed the microphone and said he would put him in the STF. If Laurinaitis lasted ten seconds he’ll let him survive. He put him in the hold, the crowd chanted along and got to ten. If Laurinaitis lasted ten seconds he’ll let him survive. He put him in the hold, the crowd chanted along and got to ten. Cena said he’d do it again. Laurinaitis held on again as the crowd counted to ten. An ex-wrestler (who hasn’t wrestled in 12 years according to Cole) can take the submission move of the top guy for twenty seconds and he can survive. I guess it’s not a good submission move then huh? Cena dumped water onto the head of Laurinaitis. Cena pulled open the front of JL’s pants and poured water into there. Down where? Down there. Cena took out a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over Laurinaitis. The announcers were laughing. The crowd enjoyed it. It’s been ten minutes of Cena humiliating him. The next spot saw Cena grab a garbage can and he dumped it all over Laurinaitis. I guess this would be satisfying to the people that paid to see Laurinaitis humiliated. Laurinaitis tried to get away. He grabbed the arm of Cena and rammed it into the security wall. He was stunned that he hurt Cena. He threw Cena arm first into the steel steps. Laurinaitis attacked with a steel chair. He hit him in the arm with it. Cena came back, hit the “you can’t see me spot” with the chair and then Laurinaitis came back with a low blow. Then Laurinaitis went over the railing. He limped away, back to the backstage area. Cena was still in the ring. Shouldn’t he chase him? All of a sudden, Big Show grabbed Laurinaitis by the neck and threw him over the security wall. Show, who was storyline fired, threw Laurinaitis into the ring. I love how they just let a fired guy in the ring. Laurinaitis was down in the middle of the ring between both guys. Show stepped on JL’s hand as he tried to crawl away. I hope Cena knows Show is going to turn heel here because everybody else knows. Show grabbed JL by the throat. He threw Laurinaitis to Cena. Cena put JL on his shoulders and Show decked Cena with the WMD. Winner: John Laurinaitis

Match Rating: 1/5- What a joke of a main event but the fans loved it.

Overall Rating: 3.25/5- The Punk/Bryan match was AWESOME, the Fatal Four Way was great, the tag title math was good and the Divas match was ok. The main event was awful and I hated the squash matches on PPV. I also thought the Rhodes/Christian match should’ve had more time.


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