Happy Birthday Pac


June 16th, 1971 Momma gave birth to a hell raising

Heavenly Son.

Of course, that”s from the Cradle to the Grave track from the Thug Life album. But it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 16 years since he passed. Unlike, some other people I was a big fan before he passed and still remain my favorite artist, not rapper but artist of all time and still find inspiration from his music. Actually, still to this day I put in the Me Against the World album whenever I am not in a good mood or just need a pick me up.

But here is a little mix I put together and I hope you all enjoy it, just called it a Birthday Mix, Happy Birthday Pac.Hope you enjoy.

1. I Ain’t Mad At Cha[Radio Version] ft. Danny Boy

2. Baby Don’t Cry ft. Outlawz

3. Ghetto Gospel

4. Letter to My Unborn Child

5. Keep Ya Head Up

6. Unconditional Love

7. Can U Get Away[DJ Cinema & DJ Mello Mix] ft. Scarface & Paul Wall

8. Better Dayz ft. Ron Isley

9. So Many Tears

10. Who Do U Believe In ft. Kadafi

11. Happy Home

12. My Block

13. Dear Mama

14. Me Against the World

15. Baby Don’t Cry[DJ Remix] ft. Wyclef

16. Hold Ya Head

17. Changes

18. Brenda’s Got A Baby




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