TNA Slammiversary 2012 Review

Sorry for the delay, it’s been a long couple of weeks and I didn’t get to watch this PPV until a couple of days ago. But let’s get right into it. This marks the 10 Year Anniversary of TNA and at this event they’ll announce there first ever TNA Hall of Famer.


This was the match I was looking forward to the most because, not only these 2 guys are great wrestlers but they’re 2 of my favorites. This match didn’t disappoint either. Alot of great back and forth action and the crowd absolutely loved every minute of it chanting both Joe & Aries name. After a hard hitting and competitive match, Aries got the win with the brainbuster. Winner and Still X-Division Champ: Austin Aries

Match Rating: 4/5- Great opening match.


This match came out of nowhere because I haven’t seen or heard about these guys in a long time. But this match went about 5 or 6 minutes and saw Hernandez get the win with a flash from the top rope. Winner: Hernandez

Match Rating: 2/5

I’m not going to even rate this because I don’t like this feud and think this is a waste of time. Winners: Garrett and Devon

Match Rating: 1/5

These 3 guys are fighting to see who get a title shot on the next Impact. All 3 of these guys busted there ass and this was a real nice spot fest. At the end RVD went for the Rolling Thunder on Anderson but he was caught and hit with the Mic Check for the win. Winner and New #1 Contender: Mr. Anderson

Match Rating: 3/5

This is when Crimson came out and issued an open challenge for someone to face him. After a long pause, James Storm music hit and he’s back and they brawled for a minute before Storm hit the Codebreaker and followed it with a superkick for the win. Winner: James Storm

Match Rating: Not going to rate it, but it was nice to see Storm back and glad this so called undefeated streak is over.


This was when Dixie Carter came out to introduce the first member of the TNA Hall of Fame, she thanked everyone from the fans to the Jarretts, all the wrestlers who stepped foot inside the ring and Spike TV. Then she introduced Sting as the first Hall of Famer and then a video package was shown of him. A “Thank You, Sting” chant broke out as he entered the ring, also a Yes! chant broke out. After Dixie spoke and said the formal ceremony would be made at Bound For Glory, she handed the mic to Sting. He gave a speech and said tonight it was Showtime.

This match wasn’t really that good and had a few botched spots in the match also. Gail went for Brooke’s finisher but Brooke slid through her legs and rolled her up for the win. Winner and New Knockouts Champ: Brooke Tessmacher

Match Rating: 1.5/5

This actually has been a pretty good feud between Park/Abyss/Ray. This wasn’t what you called a technical match but it was entertaining while it lasted. Park got the win after Abyss came in to chokeslammed Ray through the table and Park covered him for the win. Winner: Joesph Park

Match Rating: 2/5

I was worried that this storyline between Kaz/Daniels/Styles would make this match less than what it could be. But I was wrong and this was one damn good match. Great spots and alot of good wrestling throughout the match. The finish came when Angle made Kazarian tap to the ankle lock. Winners and New Tag Team Champs: A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle

Match Rating: 4.25/5

We’ve seen Sting get the best out of Roode for the most part leading to this match. This match had it’s moments and Sting did good for the most part but I just have a problem with a 53 year old man headlining a PPV in a title match again. But this match was alright and Roode got the win by hitting Sting in the head with a bottle, afterwards Sting recovered and beat up Roode and he also hit the Scorpion Death Drop from the stage though a table.

Match Rating: 2.5/5– I would’ve went higher but Roode hasn’t had many clean wins since being champion, actually the only one I remember is his match against RVD, in the ladder match. But this made Roode look weak, yes he’s held the title the longest of anyone but he still hasn’t got the legit wins.

Overall Rating: 3/5- This was a nice PPV, which had a classic tag title match, a great X-division match and a really good triple threat match.


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