WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

Here is the return of No Way Out, which it has been absent for 3 years now. Few matches I was looking forward to but let’s get started.


The match was originally supposed to be Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio but since Del Rio was ruled out because of a concussion, it was determined on Raw this past Monday that between Christian, The Great Khali, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to see who’d face Sheamus at the PPV and as you can see Ziggler won. This was a great match, I think, well I wish they’d give Ziggler a legit run with the title, he’s more than ready and he puts on classics all the time. Alot of action between these and this was a really great match between the two, which saw Sheamus get the win after a Brogue Kick. Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Match Rating: 4/5- Great opening match

I’m not even going to rate this mess, I mean the crowd was chanting “this is boring” so that tells you what to expect. Winner: Santino

Match Rating: 1/5

This has been a great feud for the Intercontinental Championship, bringing prestige back to the title. Really nice match between these 2 with alot of nearfalls and good technical wrestling also. Fans were really into the nearfalls ans we saw Rhodes kick out of the kill switch and the finish came when Rhodes tried to hit the Beautiful Disaster but Christian ducked and hit him with the spear for the win. Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion: Christian

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Fatal Four Way Tag Match to be #1 Contenders

The Usos vs. Prime Time Players(Titus O’Neil & Darren Young) vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs. Primo & Epico

I actually like the Usos and I think Kidd & Gabriel have potential to be a great team, if given the chance. This wasn’t a bad match nor it was a great one either. But the end saw AW turn on Primo and Epico to help the Prime Time Players win the match. But a great spot in the match when Kidd did a hurricarana on Primo to the outside on everyone. Finally, a storyline involving tag team, which is something in the right direction. Winners and new #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles: Prime Time Players

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Basically Triple H called out Brock Lesnar and challenging him to a fight at SummerSlam.

These 2 actually work pretty good together and this match was no different, alot of good counters and nearfalls in this match. Layla hit the neckbreaker out of nowhere for the win. Winner and Still Divas Champion: Layla

Match Rating: 2/5

Sin Cara vs. Hunico w/Camacho

First off, I think Hunico is a really good wrestler and Sin Cara need a feud right now. These 2 have faced each other several times but this time Hunico got in alot of offense on Sin Cara. But in the end Sin Cara got the win. Winner: Sin Cara

Match Rating: 2.5/5

This has by far been the best storyline going in the WWE with these 3 and AJ. I thought she would get involved and make this match not as good as but she had very little involvement in the match and this was a great match. All 3 worked hard and there were plenty of action. I initially was upset because I wanted Punk and Bryan to feud for the summer but Kane was a nice addition. The finish saw A.J. run down to the ring and get on the apron but was knocked down when Punk shoved Kane into her and she fell off the apron and while Kane checked on her and turned around Punk connected with the GTS for the win. Winner and Still WWE Champion: C.M.Punk

Match Rating: 4.25/5

I didn’t mention the Ryback squash before this match because it’s a every week thing. The stipulation coming into this match was that if John Cena lost, he’d be fired and if Big Show lost, then John Laurinaitis will be fired. This match basically seen Show dominate the entire match and during the match everyone who Show beat up came down and interfered and try to cost him the match. Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay, Alex Riley and Santino Marella stopped Show from winning. Cena won by hitting the floor before Show because Clay was at the door preventing Show from escaping. Which meant that Johnny was fired. Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: 2.5/5- From a booking standpoint, alot of people hated this finish but I understand because it still made Show look strong in defeat, just want to see where they’ll go with him.

Overall Rating: 3/5– PPV wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen some say it was. The 2 world title matches delivered, also the IC title match was really good also. I just wish they put the world title matches in the main event to make them feel important, seeing the main event was eh.



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