TNA Destination X 2012

Welcome to my Destination X review. Since I’m a big fan of the X-Division I was really looking forward to this PPV, also anticipating Joe/Angle and Aries/Roode. Let’s get started.


Last Chance Qualifier Match

Dakota Darsow vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Rubix

This was a match between the 4 guys who lost in the tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion. They’re getting another shot to be in the tournament at this PPV to advance to the Ultimate X match. There were alot of great spots from all the guys in this match and the crowd was clearly into the action and more behind Rubix then any of the other competitors. But Mason Andrews pinned Lars Only to get the win. Winner: Mason Andrews

Match Rating: 3/5– Nice opener.

Mason Andrews vs. Kid Kash

As soon as Andrews won Kash came down to the ring and immediately attacked Andrews. But Andrews got the advantage and almost pinned Kash but he dropped Andrews on the top rope on his neck and regained the advantage. Kash worked on Andrews for alot of the match while mocking the crowd. Andrews finally got an advantage and almost scored a pin after a running knee to Kash. Andrews got the win after Kash went to knee him in the head but was rolled up for the win. Winner and Advancing to Ultimate X: Mason Andrews

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

Kenny King is someone I’ve followed while he was in Ring of Honor and was one half of the tag champs along with Rhett Titus, forming the All Night Express. Douglas Williams is someone who I’ve been a fan of. Williams is more of a ground guy and King is more athletic. These 2 worked hard but just seemed they didn’t work well together. King ended up getting the win. Winner and Advancing to Ultimate X: Kenny King

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashard Cameron

These 2 guys really worked good together, I really enjoyed this match also. They put on a entertaining match and hit some really impressive moves on one another. Dutt got the win and hitting the reverse stomp off the top rope for the win. Make sure you check out this match, I think the should keep Cameron. Winner and Advancing to Ultimate X: Sonjay Dutt

Match Rating: 3/5

Zema Ion vs. Flip Casanova

Ion debuted with the company 1 year ago at this very PPV and Casanova beat Dakota Darsow on Impact to advance. These guys are really good high flyers and both hit some big moves but at the end Ion picked up the win. Winner and Advancing to Ultimate X: Zema Ion

Match Rating: 2.5/5

These 2 have had great matches against one another and I didn’t think this would be different. This match is huge in the Bound For Glory Series with Joe in 2nd and Angle in 4th place. Started out with alot counters on one another. Joe went for the Muscle Buster early but Angle countered with a head butt and then a drop kick off the top rope. Neither one got a real advantage and then Joe hit a leg lariat off the 2nd rope for a 2 count. After Angle got Joe in the ankle lock, Joe got out of the move only to have Angle hit 3 back suplexes in a row and then Angle tried for the Angle Slam but was countered. Then Joe went for the Muscle Buster again but Angle countered it again. Joe finally hits the Muscle Buster but Angle kicked out at 2. Joe had Angle in the rear choke but Angle countered to the Angle Lock, then Joe got Angle in the rear choke but was countered again by Angle to the Angle Slam. After more counter moves Angle tried for the Angle Slam again but Joe countered with the rear choke again and had it locked in until Angle stopped moving. Winner by Submission: Samoa Joe

Match Rating: 4/5

I had my doubts going into this match, not because these 2 can’t put on a classic but with the storyline and it being a gimmick match I was thinking it would be a stupid finish, that would kill the match. This match started out great and didn’t let up one time, they beat the hell out of each other, it was a very physical match. They fought on the outside, up the ramp and to the entrance way. Big spot seen Styles send Daniels head first into the steel steps, which busted him open. They fought up the ramp onto the stage and after Styles knocked Daniels to the ground and then Kaz came from behind of Styles and knocked him to the floor. The ref got to a 9 count before Styles was able to get to his feet. Daniels set up a table on the floor and they fought some more, in which Styles took advantage and knocked down Kaz and finally hit the Styles Clash from the ramp through the table on the floor. The move hurt Styles also but he was able to get up while Daniels was counted out. Winner: A.J. Styles

Match Rating: 4.25/5– Great and Physical Match

Ultimate X Match to Determine New X-Division Champion

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews

It started out all men just beating on each other. Early in the match Dutt had disappeared and come to find out he seperated his shoulder, so it just seemed the match was off, wasn’t really a good rhythm to the match. He eventually came back and it was between him and Ion climbing above the cable and fighting. Eventually Ion knocked Dutt off and retrieved the title. Winner and New X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

Match Rating: 2/5– Didn’t really like this match, nothing like the previous Ultimate X matches.

Time for the main event and this match has had the best build up to this championship match. This match is between 2 of my favorite wrestlers, so I was looking forward to this. Alot of nearfalls, high flying and technical wrestling in this match. Crazy spot when Aries went for the suicide dive and was side stepped by Roode and was met by the steel guard. Later in the match they both with for submissions, with Aries with a reverse bridge neck breaker and Roode with the crossface. Towards the end of the match we had a referee bump when Aries went for the brainbuster but Roode reverse it and threw Aries into the referee. Roode used the title belt to hit Aries in the head but kicked out of the pin attempt. Then they both had a couple of nearfalls, Roode charged Aries, but rammed into the turnbuckle then rolled to his knees where Aries kicked him in the head and set him up for and hit the brainbuster for the win. Winner and New TNA World Champion: Austin Aries

Match Rating: 4/5– Great Match and great to see Aries as the new champion. Hopefully he gets a nice run.

Overall PPV Rating: 3.5/5- This was a really good PPV, Joe/Angle, Styles/Daniels and Aries/Roode were great matches. There also was a couple of good X-Division matches also. Didn’t really like the Ultimate X match but I recommend you to watch this PPV, you’ll love it.


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