Interview and Write-Up with Gab


Recently, I had a chance to talk with an up-and-coming rapper from Philadelphia by the name of Gab, who is signed with NewPenn Music Group. He is currently working on an EP with Grammy Award winning producer Alex Chiger also known as Don Cheegro. He is an extremely versatile artist who brings energy and life experience to each track. He answered a few questions for me and also hit us with a new track, Pop A Band, produced by VybeBeats.


1. Just tell a little about yourself?

I’ve been doing music since I can I remember. I’m an extremely laid back guy. On a good week I spend a majority of my time fishing.


2. Who are some of your influences in music?

Biggest influence on my music is my life. I try to make songs that I can relate to, and I know there are individuals just like me so they should also enjoy the music.

3. Some artists you would love to collaborate with?
I’m a big R&B guy, if I could do a collaboration immediately with someone, it would be Mario. As far as rap, I would collaborate with any artist, it’s always good to network and align yourself with others making moves.
4. Describe your style?
My style is me, real laid back and visual. I try to paint a verbal picture for the listener.
5. Any upcoming shows you want to let everyone know about?
No Shows. Right now, I’m working with a Grammy Award Winning Producer named Alex Chiger AKA Don Cheegro. Focusing on recording as much material as possible.
6. How long have you been involved with music?
I’ve been involved with music since elementary school. I was always a huge fan of music in genera,l any type of genre, as long as it sounded good.
7. What was some of your first memories of music growing up?
One of my first birthday gifts was a radio. I used to listen to Power 99 and Q-102 all day and record over my mom’s old tapes. I would literally memorize every song possible.
8. Is there a particular artist or song that made you want to get into music?
I love music period, so every song that I memorized was incentive for me to bring my own style into the industry.
9. Also before I let you go, everyone does the top 5 dead or alive. Could you name your 5 favorite rappers?

1. Nas 2. Jadakiss 3. Styles P. 4. Peedi Crakk 5. Nas (Again)


So now you know a little about the homie Gab make sure you check him out by either going to his website or follow him on twitter to give him feedback.


Also check out his soundcloud page to listen and download his track, Pop A Band. Keep checking back here in the future for more upcoming releases from Gab. I would like to thank him, once again for taking the time to do this interview and I wish him much success in the future.





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