Mattel’s New WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Playset Review

If you’ve ever visited my site, there is one thing you may recognize, is that I’m a huge WWE fan, well wrestling fan in general. So I was very excited about the chance to do this review. Growing up a big part of being a wrestling fan was the times when your parents bought you action figures or playsets, because you can reenact matches or create your own with your favorite superstars. You would spend countless hours just doing so and you took them everywhere you went, whether it’s over a friends house, on long rides or if you’re spending the night someone.

Now that I’m older and have kids now, I’m proud that now my kids are also fans of wrestling, in which we have been to a few events ourselves. They’ve always collected WWE figures and still have them since they were little kids. So when I told them about a chance to review the new WWE Rumblers Blastin Breakdown Playset, they were very excited about getting new figures, which comes with 2 wrestlers, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. The playset also features a two-tier ring , launching points so they can launch there rumblers and make them high flyers, along with a breakable ceiling. The action figures are between two to four inches in height and feature exaggerated styling, iconic poses and a unique grip to hold accessories and very safe for smaller kids 3 years old and up to play with. Also, if you have other WWE stars you’d like to compete against there are also many other stars you can also purchase from Christian, Randy Orton, Justin Gabriel, Kane, The Miz, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and many others.

With Mattel not only, you’re getting a quality product but they’re also the official place to get authenic WWE figures including wrestlers, rings, championship belts and pretty much anything else you’re looking for.



  1. excellent Post I’m a big WWE supporter from Switzerland