Happy Birthday 2Pac


Well everyone if you know me or just follow me on here, Twitter or Instagram then you know that 2Pac is someone I’ve looked up to since I was about 14 years old. Now that I’m in my mid-30s some things never change. I remember seeing the Brenda’s Got A Baby video and thinking, damn this dude is deep. Well then I remember watching the movie Juice and thought, man this dude is a really good rapper and a damn good actor also. Then his 2nd album dropped and then I was hooked, he became my favorite rapper, I mean everything he talked about it seems like he was speaking for me at times because alot of people don’t like touching the topic of racism and racial profiling but I went through all of that. The same way he felt about the world, the government and his love for kids, I felt that also. Fast forward a few years later, it’s still embedded in my mind the time when I found out he passed, I was at a high school football game and it was announced on the PA system at the game, to all fans of hip hop and rap music in general I’m saddened to announce that rapper/actor Tupac Shakur has just passed. Now my school wasn’t a school that you think it would that someone like Pac had died but people were in tears and parents were holding onto their kids while fighting back tears themselves, me and my friends were like……….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! So we left the game immediately in tears ourself and just chilled and bumped Pac all night. Years later, people still mourn him, one time they were hoping he’d return and by being online his presence is as strong today as when he were here. Still can’t believe it’s been almost 17 years since he’s passed………..ok after deep thought, ye it still bothers me that no one has found the ones responsible for his death or Biggies death. But today we’re celebrating the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli. last year I done a compilation for his birthday, so this year I thought why not do it again and put some other songs on this one. Well, Happy 42nd Birthday Pac, you asked how long will they mourn you, well we still are man. God Bless Your Soul!!!!!!!!!!! This is the link to the compilation I done last year and below is for this year. I really hope you enjoy this one and next year I look forward to doing another one. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




1. Intro

2. Revolution ft. Busta Rhymes

3. The Good Die Young

4. Smile ft. Scarface

5. As The World Turns ft. The Outlawz

6. Life’s So Hard ft. Snoop Dogg

7. Resist The Temptation

8. Grab The Mic(Staring Through My Rearview Pt. II)

9. Never Had A Friend Like Me

10. How Long Will They Mourn Me ft. Nate Dogg & Thug Life

11. Until The End of Time

12. Words of Wisdom

13. They Don’t Give A F*ck About Us ft. The Outlawz

14. Letter To the President ft. The Outlawz

15. I Ain’t Mad At Cha

16. Dopefiends Diner

17. Trapped





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  1. Beats Online says:

    he’s a legend, influenced rap by the masses, and you can instantly recognize his flow.

    • yeah man I agree!!!!! Also I was a fan or I can say a fanatic before it was cool to be a Pac fan. Just the message he always put in his music. Just seen a interview with Scarface and I’m like him, it would’ve been nice to see what he had to offer cause he had alot he was about to do.


  1. […] artist ever 2Pac, my Music Monday is from the Birthday compilation, which you can check out here I put together yesterday for his Birthday. This is from the Gridlock’d soundtrack, Never Had […]

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