Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: 1/3 of the Fans Would Choose the National Title over Giving Gifts


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With the holidays upon us and the National Title game right around the corner Discover polled several fans asking what they preferred, giving gifts or their team winning the National Title. This is a tricky question for me because my team is actually playing for the BCS Championship, Florida State of course. This year I have a couple of nieces that will have their best Christmas ever because of a family situation, so I’d take giving gifts any day over my team winning the BCS title. With that said, it seems like I’m part of the 2/3 of people who would choose to give gifts, which one would you prefer?


Another polled question was asked, if they’d love to coach their favorite team to victory or coach the rival team and sabotage them? Around 83% percent of the fans that were polled chose to coach their favorite team to victory opposed to 9% of the fans wanting to sabotage the rival team. I’m all about sportsmanship so I’m with the 83% who would rather coach my favorite team than sabotage anyone. Also, when you’re watching a game that doesn’t feature your favorite team or the team you dislike the most, do you cheer the underdog or go for the favorites? 77% of the people would cheer the underdog, while 10% would cheer for the dominant team. I’m always for the underdogs and just the feel good story, how about you?


In the final Discover Fan Loyalty Poll, 30% of the fans think the Florida State Seminoles are the best team in the country after Alabama was beat by Auburn. 24% voted for Auburn, 15% still think Alabama is the best team, while 7% went with Michigan State and 4% voting for Stanford. What’s crazy is that 4 out of the 5 teams play each other in Bowl games with Stanford taking on Michigan State and Florida State facing the Auburn Tigers for the Championship. What’s crazy though is that 50% of the fans think the Auburn Tigers will win the game and 44% think the Florida State Seminoles will cap off their undefeated season with a championship. Who you have winning the Championship? I’m going with the Seminoles!!!!


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