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Are you still looking for the special gift for a loved one for Christmas? Maybe you’re just looking for something for someone that loves gadgets, a tech head, loves cars or just to look out for them. Just imagine having something the size of a matchbox and that’s compatible with any iPhone or Android device to tell you issues that may arise with your car before it happens or track your driving habits to help save on fuel. Let me introduce you all to Zubie.



How Zubie Helps:


• Family Safety: Real-time location tracking and alerts when family members arrive at home, work or school.


• Problem alerts: Be alerted to car problems before they leave you stranded, such as a Check Engine light or a dying battery.


• Safe Driving: Track and improve your driving, and connect and compete with friends. Monitor and coach teen drivers.


• Trip Coordination: Connect with friends to share locations and simplify coordination on short trips or car-pools


*The Zubie Key is compatible with most vehicles with a model year of 1996 or later.


Did you know that 52% of car breakdowns are battery related? Reduce repair anxiety with Zubie. No mechanic required! Zubie makes it easy to know and understand what’s going on under the hood, plus save money on maintenance. This easy-to-install device helps you keep your car running by giving timely information about your car’s health, and alerting you to potential problems:


• Engine Problems: Be alerted to problem codes reported by your engine, and understand what they mean.


• Check Engine Light: Translate the Check Engine light into plain English.


• Know exactly why the light is on, and avoid an unnecessary trip to the repair shop.


• Dead Battery: Track battery levels and be alerted to a problem BEFORE a dead battery leaves you stranded.


• Repair Cost & Insight: Know how serious a problem might be, and receive an estimate of likely repair costs before you go to the repair shop.


• Driving Behavior: Manage your driving habits to improve fuel economy and preserve overall car value over time.


My son starts driving next year and this will be perfect for him and me also. I’ve always been a very overprotective parent and this will be my new best friend because even though I’m not with him all the time I can at least monitor everything about the car. You can do the same right now and save 20% when you use code SAVE20DEC and SAVE 20% on your Zubie Key plus one year of service. The offer is good through January 31, 2014. Shipping charges apply!!!! We all know that it’s stressful and hectic owning a vehicle and this would it a lot easier by catching problems before they become too costly.


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