We Need a Change Amongst Our Young Black Males!!!!!!!!


I’ve seen enough and I think the final straw was when I started seeing others talk about it and then seen it in the local paper where a young black male was shot 5 or 6 times in the head, killing him instantly. What bothered me is that even though I’ve moved from that town and area I still have family there, more importantly my parents stay on the road next to it. I have driven past it and most of these guys call themselves “dope boyz” and what’s worse is there’s older guys that’s near my age out there doing the same thing they were doing 15+ years ago. They want people to respect them and not stereotype them, but at times I really seen why they get the treatment they get, but what bothers me is that we get bunched in one group.


What bothered is that the young male that was killed was someone who was striving to be something and could’ve helped show other young men there’s a better way. He was finishing up school and was really into music and fashion, even to the point where he registered his business name with the state a month prior. His last Facebook post was him in class talking about his dreams of music, clothing and even drawing some designs. When looking through his page I saw when he’s not working that he was a caregiver to the elderly. I don’t know what factors in what goes on with today’s kids whether it’s a lack of positive male role models or just the society that we’re in now. It’s crazy that small kids can recite their favorite hip hop songs but have problems with school work. Whatever the problem is it seems like the issues we have in our community is only going to become worse. Either way here is the news article about the shooting and hopefully justice will be served and the killer or killers will be caught. I’ve never met this young man but I was passed along his info and his story and felt the need to share it and hopefully we can get something started to end these senseless killings.



I know this isn’t the first or last time we hear about a tragedy where a young person being killed because it’s something I read about far too much in Chicago. Hopefully, if this post can reach just 1 person and make them see that there’s a better way. So if you’re reading this and you feel like I’m talking to you, know that there’s a better way and if you need someone to talk to find a pastor, principle or someone you can trust and if you can’t, hit that contact button and I’ll talk to you. God Bless You All!!!!!!!!!!!


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