Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!


First off, let me say Happy New Year to any and everyone who’s ever supported the site. Whether commenting on a post, entering a contest, or just clicking on the site to check it out…………Thank You!!!!! You all have helped this be the most successful year to date because I’ve got to know so many people, whether it’s meeting some in person, through social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and just becoming friends with people because of the website. This year we had some pretty good giveaways and I’m hoping to have much more in the future so definitely be on the lookout for those. This year I had the chance to work with some really cool companies like Discover, Xbox, World of Coca Cola, Cooper Tires and many more in the process. Also had the chance to move into a new house in another town that I absolutely love and the subdivision is something that I only dreamt about. With everything going really well and I have so many ideas that I decided to create another website which went live the 1st day of 2014. I would really love for everyone to show some support and head over to sportsmusicentertainment.com. The site will be just that basically talking about sports, music and entertainment and hopefully in the coming months I’ll come up with a nice header. I hope everyone please support the new site if you’re into sports, music, entertainment or all of them. Now this is 2014 and everyone has resolutions they have and mine is just to be a better person and get closer to the man up above, so what’s your resolution?


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