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What up everyone, before I introduce the bio and video of this young artist I wanted to share something about him. I get alot of emails about different artist and music all the time but when I received an email from a young man named Goldin Martinez(yeah if you’re reading this I’m giving you propz) who’s the founder of the Get Focused Foundation about this young man named J-Jon and asked if I would take a look at one of his former students I was cool with it. He went on to tell me how talented he was and how he’s never had a feature on any website. After listening to his song, Devil is Alive I was instantly a fan and I want to support him anyway possible. It was nice to hear a 20-year old speaking on real issues that affect our community. So please listen to the track, share it, comment on it and get the word out about this young man. Here is his bio, which will be followed by his video.


J-Jon is a man of two identities. A Gemini just like some of the greatest Tupac, Biggie, and Kanye West he has a unique way of standing out with his music. To his dedicated fans and adventurous listener, he’s a musical genius garnering over ten million youtube hits globally on diversified songs such as “Devil Is Alive,” “Did I Lose You Yet,” “Bisexual Girl,” and “My Position.” To his hometown of the Bronx, NY the 20-year-old singer-songwriter is an advocate for change in his community by raising awareness through his music on everyday issues such as gun violence, bullying, safe sex, and a host of other social epidemics destroying our youth today. Most recently, he has strategically partnered with community based organization, Get Focused Foundation, to create social campaigns that empower young people to make better decisions and live safer lives. He hopes that by uniting his efforts with the Get Focused Foundation they can help make a huge difference together for young people in his community. The Bronx-born, New York-based artist is currently working on his first mixtape called “Voice Of The Young Nation.” Thanks to all his hard work and dedication J-Jon name is becoming synonymous with integrity, righteousness, and a questing spirit that’s rare in the post-millennial landscape.



  1. Wounderful article about an intriguing young man. He is definitely on a “galaxy” level and destined to become one of the greatest. May god keep blessing him and let his music change these corrupted youth that get lost in the moment. #iamajjonfan

    • Thank you and yes I believe he’s destined for greatness. I hope he continues to receive blessings with the hope he can help some of the youth of today because they definitely need it. Thank you for commenting!!!

  2. I think J-jon has the potential to be one of the most elite mc’s of this generation. His concepts, word play, expressions and characteristics are a compliment to his exceptional and musically inclined flow. I have been following him for about 2 yrs now and I think his music is the epitomy of entertainment. Any hip hop track that intrigues you and keeps you intrigued and entertained through rhythm and spoken word entirely through the song is what artistry defines. I personally think that with the right backing that he is next to really do big things in this music industry. I say that as a fan first and then as a man who has worked with him on a business aspect. Can’t hate on good music. What is undeniable is just that!

    • Amen!!!! I couldn’t have said it better. I was just put on to him recently and already a huge fan of his and I agree that he could be one of the elite MCs. I just hope he continue to push himself for greatness and with the people around him I don’t see how he wouldn’t. I’m glad to hear a young artist who talk about real issues that go on in our community.

  3. Too good!!! J-Jon

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