Daddy’s Hangout Presents NFL Predictions: Conference Championships 1/19/2014



New_England_Patriots_HelmetThis is the 1st game on Sunday in the AFC Championship game featuring a couple of guys that’s arguably the 2 best QBs of this generation when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots visit his old nemesis Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, which is usually the Indianapolis Colts. They met back in Week 12 in Foxboro which resulted in a win for the Patriots in OT after the Broncos were up 24-0 at halftime. The Patriots have been relying a lot of their running game lead by LeGarrett Blount, which could be key in this game. Still with Tom Brady at the helm you always have to key on him to be successful against the Patriots. Can the defense stop the running attack of the Broncos? Knowshown Mareno rushed for over 220 yards the last time they met. Peyton Manning enters this game with a 10-11 record in the playoffs and that has been the one knock against him throughout his illustrious career. Last week, they almost had a meltdown and let the Chargers come back and win the game if it wasn’t for a key 3rd & 17 play to clinch the game. The big match up for the Broncos will be the secondary against the Patriots WRs because they’re thin in the secondary. Can Peyton Manning lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl? Will he top off his record breaking season with a Super Bowl appearance? With rumors of running rampant about the future of Peyton Manning, will this be his final run? This is another tough one for me to pick but I’ll go with the Patriots.

Patriots Win and Advance to the Super Bowl 31-28



San-Francisco-49ers-Picksseattle-seahawks-logoThis is the last game on Sunday and these 2 teams are very familiar with each other seeing they see each other twice a year and have become one of, if not the best rivalry in the NFL right now. You have 2 of the best young QBs in the league and 2 of the best defenses in the NFL also. The San Francisco 49ers visits the Seattle Seahawks for a berth in the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. The 49ers are on an 8 game winning streak with their last 3 wins coming on the road and they haven’t loss in 2 months can be called the hottest team in the league. They have played great which is led by a tough defense that has been stopping anyone in front of them, including the Carolina Panthers last week in Carolina and offense has been playing good in both aspects. Can they keep playing at the same level in Seattle? Can they return to the Super Bowl? The Seahawks offense have relied heavily on Marshawn Lynch because Russell Wilson haven’t playing his usual self and things were looking like the offense was going to get a boost with the return of Percy Harvin but he’ll miss the game with a concussion. The defense has been its usual self by stopping everyone and its damn near impossible trying to pass on them. They ranked 1st in pass defense this year, but will the absence of Browner be key for this game? This is a hard decision and a toss-up because both teams are great, but I’m going with the 49ers on the road to pull off the big upset and advance to the Super Bowl again.

49ers Win and Advance to the Super Bowl 17-16


There you have, if my predictions are right you’ll see the New England Patriots face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. Come back next week to see how things go and my prediction for the Super Bowl. Who do you have winning these 2 games and playing in the Super Bowl? Talk to me!!!!!




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