Almost Kick-Off Time: How to Make Your Place a Footy Watching Crowd Favorite



Footy season is a great time to have your mates over to watch the game. No matter who’s playing, you and your friends can get together and enjoy the game. A few beers, some meat on the barbie and a television screen are all you need to enjoy watching the footy with friends, but there are a few tips to help make your place the perfect footy-watching pad.

Who to Invite

The first consideration is who to invite. You may have a standing invitation with your best friends to watch the game each week, or you may just host the big games like the Grand Final. You can’t have everyone over to watch the footy, so you need to think about who you want to be there, whether you only choose the die-hard footy fans or whether you include partners and kids.

Setting the Scene

You can get the family involved in helping you decorate. Blow up balloons in the colour of your favourite team, make posters, hang flags and of course dress in your team’s jersey.

Feeding the Mob

Part of entertaining the footy crew is feeding them. Having a barbeque is simple and easy to clean up afterwards. You can get really large barbeques so you can feed in a crowd in no time. Check out Barbeques Galore and see what is available. A buffet style meal is best. Lay out the goodies and let everyone help themselves. You might need to watch the flies though.

Snack food is also a good idea for during the game. Stock up on potato chips, nuts and pretzels. You might even like to grab some frozen sausage rolls and party pies to get into the true Aussie tradition of things.


Beer is the all-time favorite drink for football watching. It’s a good plan to let everyone know to bring their own. You might buy a few extra beers to have on hand, but most people will not expect you to supply all the grog. You will need to make sure you have a cold fridge or esky with lots of ice. As host you need to be able to keep the beer cold!

Make life easier for yourself by using disposable items to serve and eat meals from. To make clean up easier also use plastic cups and utensils. Of course, napkins should be readily available so that in the event of a spill help is close by.

The Television

Having a big screen, a bit of solid technology, will help make your place the favourite footy watching hangout. If you don’t have a big TV you might even rent one for the Grand Final. You also need a good sound system. Put the whole system together ahead of time to make sure everything is set up properly and working well. Don’t leave this till the game starts!

You might even like to make a wager or two on the day.


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