Great Family Activities for Rainy Days


Rainy days can be downright painful if you have kids. Not only can they not play outside, but taking them to the beach or park is out too, meaning that they can get bored. And when kids get bored, it is the worst for their parents. With these rainy day activities, you can escape from the typical rainy day of endless cartoons and possibly even wear your kids out.


1. Bowling




Bowling is really one of the best things to do with kids. It is great for even younger children, they love the competition, and they even get to enjoy snacks and video games. Don’t forget that it can also be cheap, especially if you have some of your own equipment like bowling shoes which normally have to be rented. With all the activity, your kids will be worn out, meaning that they will be much easier to deal with. Find all sorts of bowling equipment at


2.  Cookies



Pretty much every kid loves sweets.  A perfect rainy day activity for nearly any child is to make cookies.  Find a couple of great recipes and keep the ingredients around so that you can make those cookies during those times where the kids are driving you nuts. With all of the cookbooks and websites out there, you can find great cookie recipes for any kid, even if they have diet restrictions.


3.  Build a Blanket Fort

Blanket forts have been popular for decades.  They are awesome fun and take imagination and creativity.  Setting up a fort with your couch and some blankets is super easy and it will give your kids a hideaway that they will love.  Blanket forts aren’t just for kids either.  Grown-up can have a great time in them as well, reliving their childhood and forming a special clubhouse.


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