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While Jersey Native Voli grew up rapping, he’s most known for his work producing tracks for hip-hop heavyweight J. Cole. Now, with the release of his self-titled debut LP (out now on Soulspazm), he deftly makes the transition to artist, showing off his mesmerizing flow, fresh lyrics and undeniable pop sensibilities in addition to his always inventive production.

Voli grew up with an affinity for the arts. He honed his lyricism while internalizing the tastes of his favorite producers of the era. Voli focused on rapping for several years before deciding to shelf his lyrical talents in order to cultivate his production. After mastering Hip Hop production, he worked on developing his style, introducing more Pop, Rhythmic, & Rock into the mix, expanding into a sound with an individual and distinctive style.
Despite this growth, years of producing songs to suit the needs of other artists and struggling to find placements led Voli to realize there was no one better to get on his tracks than himself. The hunger to share his vision as an all-encompassing artist began to grow; Voli felt that people like him want to hear music from someone like them. His point of view captures the struggling artist, the college grad wondering how to find a job in this economy, the worker in the cubicle counting down the minutes until 5:00 – anyone who has felt like they’ve put their dreams on hold to deal with reality. Now ready to create his own reality and inspire others to do the same, Voli is embarking on a true artistic journey as a producer, songwriter, and lyricist… join him on his musical Odyssey.
Here is the link to his debut album here:
The album is really good that mixes great lyrics and production. Voli can definitely spit and everyone need to support him. If I can find what best describes his work I’d definitely say it’s a musical masterpiece. Check out one of my favorite tracks from him below.


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