Daddy’s Hangout Presents WWE Monday Night Raw Review 2/24/2014



Now with the Elimination Chamber is done, which I will have my review later this week, we are officially headed to WrestleMania. Let’s see how things panned out on this episode of Raw and let me say that I got the WWE Network around 10 yesterday morning and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! But let’s get started with the review!!!!




The return of Hulk Hogan: It was nice to see Hogan back inside a WWE ring and the fans loved it.

Big E. vs. Cesaro: Really good match between these 2 power guys. How good and strong is Cesaro? This could be tension between these 2 that lead to a face turn by Cesaro.

John Cena/Wyatt Family: I’m looking forward to seeing this feud and this could be a really good one. This got off to the right foot IMO.

Sheamus vs. Christian: This was a really good and physical match-up and these 2 have had a nice feud out of nowhere.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane: This match was better than I thought it would be because Kane isn’t the same wrestler. Bryan is on fire and arguably the best wrestler in the world.

Daniel Bryan Challenging Triple H to a match @ WM XXX: They need to fight because they’ve been feuding for the last 6 months even though I think they should find a way to put Bryan in the main event also.

Emma vs. Summer Rae: I’ve seen them wrestle in NXT and I liked the match and with them 2 along with A.J and Natalya and whenever Paige arrives the future is bright.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns: This is the future of the WWE and the picked it up in the end and I wish the Shield and the Wyatts would continue their feud.

Undertaker/Brock Lesnar: I must admit, I marked out when Taker came out. Looking forward to this match!!!




Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio: Not a very good match, the only thing that saved this match was Orton coming out and the promos that they cut on each other.

Usos vs. New Age Outlaws: Love the Usos and I’m ready for them to capture the titles because I’m ready for the Outlaws to be off TV.




The Green Bay Crowd: I’m all for the fans expressing themselves because I do when I go to the events, but some of them chanting “Husky Harris” and the “CM Punk” chants are crazy. Bray and Roman just worked a top notched, match of the year candidate match the previous night, show some respect.



Overall Rating: 7.75/10- This was a really good Raw, enjoyed it from the beginning to the end with the exception of a couple of hiccups along the way. The return of Hulk Hogan was huge and we had a couple of really good matches between Cesaro/Big E. and Sheamus/Christian. The Emma/Summer Rae match proves that the Divas division has a future. Ready to see what next week has to offer!!!


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