Throwback Thursday 7/9/2015

Once again I’m back with another Throwback Thursday and this time we’re going back up north to New York for this one. Like always, usually I’m riding around with a bunch of CDs, yes I still have those and will always keep them too. While going to work I threw in the first album from AZ, you know that Do or Die which is an album that everyone should have in their collection. The track I’m featuring features Miss Jones and it’s his track, Sugar Hill which is really nice, but still get the album. There are so many artists that says that Eminem is one of the most underrated rappers of all-time. From having one of the best verses on Illmatic and holding his own on every track he does with Nas, which I still want that duet album from them after all these years too. Check out the video, get the album and head to the comments section to leave a comment about the track, album or AZ himself.


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