Klondike is Perfect for After School Snack

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#KlondikeVariety #IC #ad

The summer is in full swing and down here in Georgia; it’s really hot!! My daughter loves to go outside as soon as she finishes her homework, plus she always has to have a snack. With it being so hot and her wanting a treat, there’s no better snack than Klondike. Klondike has 12 different ice cream bar varieties to help satisfy everyone’s ice cream appetite. My wife and I talk about how we loved them growing up, but now they have so many different flavors, and they’re all good. They offer varieties of chocolate coated, and ice cream loaded stick less bars that’s available everywhere. Some of the flavors include: the new Cookie Dough Swirl, as well as Heath, REESE’S, Mint Chocolate Chip, Krunch, Caramel Pretzel, OREO, Dark Chocolate, Rocky Road, Double Chocolate, Neapolitan, and Original.

#KlondikeVariety #IC #ad

Klondike is known for the square-shaped; chocolate coated ice cream bars, but in 2014, they launched Klondike Kandy Bars. They are the perfect combination of the thick, chocolatey Klondike shell and creamy ice cream with mouth-watering candy bar goodness, and are available nationwide in the following varieties: the new Mint Fudge Cookie, as well as Caramel & Peanuts, Fudge Krunch, and Cookies & Cream. With the Klondike Bars, they come with 6 in them and the Klondike Kandy Bars having 4 in them, and they usually cost around $3.99.

#KlondikeVariety #IC #ad

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  1. My favorite is Krunch No Sugar Added.

  2. My favorite is the original Klondike Bar. I like the Heath Crunch flavor, too. I used to LOVE the cherry flavor, but can’t find it any more. If they stopped making it, I sure wish they’d bring it back.

  3. ron schnell says

    Cookies and cream, Yum!

  4. beth shepherd says

    Heath is my favorite flavor. Thank you!

  5. Margaret Smith says

    I like the sugar free original. Thanks so much.

  6. I’ve always loved the original Klondike.

  7. I love them and the Krunch is my favorite

  8. Shannon Baas says

    I like the original.

  9. I would pick Sugar Free,

  10. Brittney House says

    I would like to try the cookies and cream.

  11. Tari Lawson says

    I would like to try the mint fudge cookie.

  12. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I like the Heath Klondike bars; I would like to try the mint fudge cookie.

  13. yes we are definitely fans of Klondike as a matter of fact my hubby just ate the last one last nite so it is time to go and refill stock, he like the original, but we would love to try the caramel pretzel, the reeses, the heath I mean how can you choose we will probably try them all.

  14. I like all the Klondike flavors and I really want to try the Mint Fudge Cookie bars.

  15. I like the plain ol’ original, but I’d love to try that cookies n creme flavor!

  16. Lori Walker says

    We like them – OREO is our favorite.

  17. Yes, we are fans. I like the heath bar ones the best. I would like to try the caramel and peanuts that sounds good

  18. We are big fans! I like the Heath ice creams but I would also like to try their dark chocolate ice creams. Thank you!

  19. melissa Resnick says

    I like the Heath ice creams

  20. I Love the Heath flavor! yum!!!!!

  21. Yes but I love them all don’t have one favorite lol

  22. I love the original but the mint and cookies and cream look really good too

  23. Love Klondikes, and those new mint fudge cookie ones look pretty tasty.

  24. I’m a huge fan and love the Caramel Pretzel! I’d love to try the cookie dough swirl or the Health bar ones!

  25. Danielle Marie says

    huge fan and i love the classic but cookies n cream looks good too.

  26. I love the Dark Chocolate Klondike bars and want try the mint ones.

  27. Peggy Johnson says

    I would love to try the mint fudge

  28. I want to try the cookies and cream ones!

  29. I’d like to try the cookie dough

  30. I love the cookies and cream

  31. Kimmy Ripley says

    I love the mint Klondike!

  32. loved the original Klondike bar

  33. We are big fans of Klondike bars here in the Arizona desert. My favorite is the Heath flavor but I would love to try the Dark Chocolate. Thanks

  34. Original Klondike

  35. I’ve never had Klondike before.

  36. Cheryl Larimer says

    We love the Oreo cookies and cream Klondike bars – oh so yummy.

  37. Yes, I am a fan of Klondike! I like the Heath bar flavor the best. I would like to try out the Reese’s flavor.

  38. I love Klondike! My favorite flavor is Oreo. I’d love to try the Caramel & Peanuts Kandy Bars.

  39. laurie murley says

    I love their products, their so good. I would love to try the kandy bars the caramel and peanuts looks really good to me

  40. I love to get the original bar but would love to try the cookies and cream Kandybar.

  41. Love’em but we don’t purchase them a lot, I think our favorite is the reeses, but I would love to try the mint chocolate chip.

  42. Keeley Sullivan says

    My family LOVES Klondike. I would like to try the mint fudge, never had that one before.

  43. I am a huge Klondike fan! My favorite has always been mint chocolate chip – perfect for those hot summer days! I would love to try their mint fudge cookie frozen candy bars!

  44. Yes i am a fan of Klondike I want to try the the Reese’s flavor.

  45. One of the teachers at the school I used to work at would buy these for the students who excelled during the week. He got me addicted to the Reeses ones. Thank you

  46. My favorite is the 100 Calorie Vanilla Klondike bar.

  47. EMMA L HORTON says


  48. I love the Original Klondike but I would love to try the Cookies N cream

  49. We are huge fans! I like the original!

  50. I’ve only had the original but would like to try the caramel and peanuts.

  51. Laurie Emerson says

    I am a big fan of Klondikes. My favorite is their Krunch Bars.

  52. Carolyn Daley says

    Yes, I am a fan. My favorite is original, but I also like the mint flavor too.

  53. Yes, Heath is my favorite and the original.

  54. tina reynolds says

    I would so so love to try the cookies and cream

  55. Carol Godfrey says

    Yes! I’m a fan! My favorite is the original. I would like to try the Peanuts & Caramel!

  56. Thank You for the giveaway…our kids like The Original, but we would like to try the Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bars !

  57. I like the original Klondike bar.
    Thanks for the contest.

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