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Music Monday 8/10/2015

If you’ve been following hip hop for the past few weeks then you know that Drake and Meek Mill have been beefing. It started when Meek Mill called out Drake on Twitter for having a ghostwriter , in which Drake responded by releasing a couple of diss tracks called Charged Up and Back-to-Back. It seemed like Meek downplayed the whole situation, but he finally released a diss track called Wanna Know. Of course, today’s so-called hip hop fans will say that Drake ended Meek’s career after releasing Charged Up and even going as far as saying it’s one of the best diss tracks ever, which I think it was one of the worse, but you be the judge. Afterwards, Drake released Back-to-Back, which was a thousand times better than his first diss track with a few lines that really stood out. Finally, Meek Mill released his and people hated on the track, but with Drake being a top artist, Meek Mill could’ve have released Hit Em’ Up, Ether and Takeover combined and the fans would have not liked it. Now it seems to be the cool thing to hate Meek Mill, but I’m actually the opposite because I think his albums or better than Drake albums, IMO!!! He just released his Dreams Worth More than Money album over a month ago and I actually really like the album and the track that features Chris Brown and his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj is my Music Monday. The track is called All Eyes on You and it’s a pretty dope track. Check out the video below, then head to the comments section and let me know what you think about the track, album or the beef with Drake.


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