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Twista- It Feels So Good 8/20/2015

Yesterday marked 5 years I lost my best friend and it’s still bothers me to this day. For the past few days I remember all the great times we had growing up and how he loved music just as much as I did. We listened to everybody from 2Pac, Three 6 Mafia, Spice 1, Geto Boys and many other artists. While I was listening to some CDs the other day, I came across the Adrenaline Rush album by Twista and it made me think about him even more. This made me think when he had this long, stretch I wanna say Chevrolet, I’m still trying to remember what kind of car it was, but anyways he threw some rims on there and had a crazy system in it. The first time we cruised around in his car he had that Twista album in their bumping it and the song, It Feels So Good would knock in his system. So every time I hear that track, this always make me think of him and this is why I’m making it my Throwback Thursday track. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge Twista fan and that Adrenaline Rush album is a classic, but it always bring me back to my homeboy, Telly and how great that album sound in his old school green ride. So when I’m riding around and this song come on, I tend to turn the volume up a little more in honor of my best friend, Telly. Man, you have no idea how much I miss the hell out of you and I know you’re having a blast with your mom, brother, countless relatives and hopefully you and my dad have ran into each other. Love you dude!!! As always, head to the comments section and let me know what you think about this track, Twista, the Adrenaline Rush album or do you have any songs that make you think of someone close to you who’s passed on.



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