Boosie- Black Heaven ft. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole

Boosie Album Cover

I’ll be honest, I was really late when it came to becoming a fan of Boosie. During the time they were bringing up charges that sent him to prison, I still didn’t pay closely to his music and when he was released I said I’m going to check him out because there were alot of hype surrounding him. After some people at the barbershop kept telling me to check him out because he’s like the modern day 2Pac, that got me and I listened to his old stuff and then his new mixtape, Life After Deathrow dropped and I loved it. If that wasn’t enough for me to become a huge fan, then he dropped off the Letter to Pac not too long ago and now I’m a fan for life. Recently, I got the chance to really listen to his album, Touchdown to Cause Hell and man, this album is really good. I haven’t done a Music Monday in about three weeks, but I figured this is a great time to feature a track from his album and the track is Black Heaven. This is a great track that features Keyshia Cole and J. Cole, so check it out below and enjoy!!!


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