Busta Rhymes The Coming Album turns 20

Busta Rhymes The Coming

Today is the 20th anniversary of the debut album, The Coming from Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes is one of, if not the most charismatic rappers to ever rock the mic and continues to till this day. Before becoming a solo act, he was a part of the group called Leaders of the New School and they got their huge break by appearing on the smash-hit Scenario from A Tribe Called Quest. The group went on the release two albums, A Future without a Past and T.I.M.E (The Inner Mind’s Eye) which was released in 1991 and 1993, respectively. The group became on the outs because more people was starting to pay more attention to Busta Rhymes and the group accused him of show-stealing, but that rally wasn’t the case because that’s just Busta being the guy everyone became accustomed to. In between the years of 1994-1995, Busta Rhymes started recording for his debut album that was released on March 26th of 1996 and the album featured members of Leaders of the New School on the track, Keep It Movin and during that time he appeared on the classic, Flava in Ya Ear Remix. That was the last time collaborated until 2012 when Busta Rhymes headlined the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and then 2015 on Busta Rhyme’s mixtape. As far as the debut album from Busta Rhymes, it featured Redman, Keith Murray, Q-Tip and Zhane, along with production from DJ Scratch and Easy Mo Bee. The album’s debut single was the very energetic, Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check track and the video is below.



After the success of the first single from Busta Rhymes, many considered him to be one of the future greats in the rap then he hit us with another great single and it featured Zhane on the track, It’s A Party. The song was amazing, plus the video was great and it solidified him as someone to be messed with and you can check out the video below.


Busta Rhymes has gone on to released nine albums, a few mixtapes, received countless accolades over the years and he’s known as the remix king also. Below is the Tracklisting for the album and if you’re a real hip-hop fan, you need to add this album to your collection.


  1. The Coming (Intro)
  2. Do My Thing
  3. Everything Remains Raw
  4. Abandon Ship ft. Rampage The Last Boy Scout
  5. Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check ft. Rampage The Last Boy Scout
  6. It’s A Party ft. Zhane
  7. Hot Fudge
  8. Ill Vibe ft. Q-Tip
  9. Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad ft. Keith Murray, Redman & Flipmode Squad
  10. Still Shining
  11. Keep It Movin’
  12. The Finish Line
  13. The End of the World (Outro)


What are your thought about Busta Rhymes? What do you think about his debut album, The Coming? Share your thoughts below about Busta Rhymes and congratulations to him on the 20 year anniversary of his debut album.


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