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20 Years Ago Master P Dropped Ice Cream Man

Master P

It’s crazy how time flies by, which is the case for the Ice Cream Man album from Master P that dropped 20 years ago today. I remember it like it was yesterday, which was also my senior year in high school, yes I’m that old (LOL), but I didn’t get the album as soon as it dropped though. The place I bought most of my albums was a local record shop and the owners’ son used to make mixtapes all the time with some of the newest tracks. It was about a couple of weeks after the album dropped, he was playing his newest mixtape, Break Em’ Off Something featuring UGK was playing and I was like that track hard as hell, who was that?

I already knew that was UGK on the track, but I haven’t heard too many tracks from Master P and didn’t know he spit that hard. Another cool thing about this record shop I liked was he would let you listen to music before purchasing the album, mixtape or single. It took me about 20 minutes and I was convinced that this album might be something special. This album produced other great tracks like Mr. Ice Cream Man, Bout It Bout It II, My Ghetto Heroes, No More Tears, Things Ain’t What They Used to Be and many more hits.

This album was the start of the dominance of No Limit Records to eventual legendary status to the point where they were releasing albums damn near every week. Below is the video for his hit, Mr. Ice Cream Man featuring Mia X, Silkk the Shocker and Mo B. Dick!!


I know Master P will never be mentioned as one of the greats, but he’s definitely one of them to me because he was never the most lyrical rapper, but he made great music that you could relate to. After the Ice Cream Man album, I became one of the biggest No Limit fans and bought damn near every album they dropped. You can say that Master P was the first hustler in rap music because he was putting out music, movies, clothes, toys and pretty much anything that was profitable.

If you don’t own the Ice Cream Man album, click here to purchase this incredible album and do some research on the No Limit Soldiers because you have a lot of albums to add to your collection. Below is the Tracklisting to the Ice Cream Man album!!


Ice Cream Man Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Ice Cream Man ft. Mia X, Mo B. Dick & Silkk the Shocker
  3. Time for a 187
  4. ½ On a Bag of Dank
  5. Break ‘Em Off Something ft. UGK
  6. How G’s Ride ft. Big Ed & Silkk the Shocker
  7. No More Tears ft. Mo B. Dick
  8. The Ghetto Won’t Change ft. Mo B. Dick
  9. Commercial
  10. Playa From Around the Way ft. Mo B. Dick & Silkk the Shocker
  11. Sellin’ Ice Cream ft. Mo B. Dick
  12. Time to Check My Crackhouse
  13. Bout It, Bout It II ft. Mia X
  14. Back Up Off Me
  15. Never Ending Game
  16. Watch These H*oes ft. Mo B. Dick, Mr. Serv-On, Silkk the Shocker & Tre-8
  17. Bout That Drama ft. Silkk the Shocker
  18. Killer P
  19. Things Ain’t What They Used to Be ft. Mo B. Dick
  20. My Ghetto Heroes ft. Skull Duggery

Have you heard the Ice Cream Man album from Master P? Are you a fan of Master P? If so, what’s your favorite album from the Colonel? Are you a fan of No Limit? If so, what’s your favorite album ever released under the No Limit umbrella? Head to the comments section to let me know your thoughts!!

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