Hanging Pics with the Black & Decker Drill [Giveaway]

This post is sponsored by Black + Decker but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Black & Decker

Ever since we moved into our new house I realized that I’ve lost several items, tools and other things in the process. One of the things you hate about moving is that when you’re looking for something you never seem to find it. While we fix up every part of the house one room at a time, the final room in the process is the upstairs living room and we bought some great decorations for the wall. One of the things I lost was my drill, which is something I really need now because I need to tightened several things around the house and I also needed a new one anyway. Recently, I got the chance to check out the new Black + Decker cordless drill and had the chance to hang up a couple of portraits in the living room. I believe my wife was more excited about the new Black + Decker drill because we can buy more portraits for the other rooms also. When it comes to Black + Decker products, you know that when it comes to their product, you’re getting the best and one that will last forever. They are the innovators of the cordless drill, did you know, Black +Decker invented cordless power drills in 1961? It’s true! Now, they’ve launched the next evolution of drills with 2 new products: The 20V MAX* 1 Speed Cordless Drill and 20V MAX* 2 Speed Drill. Both drills offer the same speed as previous products, but in a more compact and lightweight size. They enable you to get your projects done with less effort and more precision. Below are the first of many things I will be hanging on the wall. I’m sure there are some DIY projects in the future, which will be highlighted in a post down the road.

Black & DeckerBlack & DeckerBlack & Decker

Great Features of the Black + Decker Drill

The Black + Decker drill is lightweight, but has consistently strong power and speed in comparison to the larger drills. With the drill being small you can get into tighter spaces, less fatigue when using, greater accuracy with your hand able to safely be closer to the work surface. Check out how it compares to previous models in the video below!!


Win Your Very Own Black + Decker Drill

Check out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win the Black + Decker drill. Click on this link and answer the question below.






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  1. I have never owned a Black + Decker product before, but I’ve heard great things about them! I have several projects I could do with the drill! I’ve been wanting to hang some pictures in our nursery, and also hang a few pictures on the wall for my grandma.

  2. Lisa Brown says

    The project I would work on is building a wood toy chest or storage box for the kid’s toys and play things. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  3. James Robert says

    Oh, I have many projects I am working on. I bought a home that is over 100 years old and needs lots of work to remodel it. I am learning and attempting many projects.

  4. Tracy DeLoach says

    I am familiar with Black & Decker drills, but it was a much older model, that we wore out btw. I’d love to have the new model. We have a 1920’s home that we have totally remodeled from top to bottom, but we still have a lot of finish work to do. Thank you Travis for the chance to win!

  5. I’d love to make a toy box for the playroom and have my kids paint the exterior of it.

  6. Karen Glatt says

    I am very familiar with Black and Decker products and this drill is amazing and I would make a new picnic table with this drill!

  7. kelly tupick says

    I am familiar with Black and Decker. If i were to win this, i would use it for the new patio we are going to build this summer.

  8. Julie Cutshaw says

    I am happily familiar with the Black + Decker drills. My husband loves his and I rarely get to borrow it for my work shop of which I’d love to enjoy my own instead of hand tools to tighten or loosen the projects I work on for #diy. I have tons of projects I could use the 20 volt lightweight Black and Decker Drill on. My favorite are old vintage windows of which I reconstruct into decorative #diy home decor and re-purposing aged cedar wood, so I need a dependable drill to place the screws in right to look awesome. Thanks! #Black&DeckerDrill #HomeDepot #DaddysHangout

  9. Jay Jackson says

    I would use it to build a 2 tier Strawberry Planter Box

  10. I want to make some TV trays, so this would come in handy for that.

  11. Jessica To says

    I would use it to build shelves in our garage.

  12. Adrienne Gordon says

    I need to put up some deck lights.

  13. Ann Fantom says

    Yes, my husband has had a Black & Decker drill in the past. If I won, I would use this drill when we remodel my daughter’s playroom this fall.

  14. Katherine Riley says

    I have some shelves I need to build and the Black & Decker drill would be great to use on that project. I have owned Black & Decker tools before and remember their great quality!

  15. Margaret Smith says

    Yes, my husband has a Black and Decker drill among other Black & Decker tools. They really are great quality. If I won, this would be for my oldest son. He’s just starting out and is starting to get his own tools and this would be a wonderful way to start him out. Right now he’s been using my husbands tools and he helps us around the house by doing repairs.

  16. I would like to use it to build a deck for our campsite.

  17. Brittney House says

    I am familiar with some of their products. I would like to use this while remodeling our basement.

  18. Kathy Tracey says

    Yes I am familiar with Black and Drill. I want to make some wooden flower boxes.

  19. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’m familiar with Black and Decker tools. If I win this drill, I will give it to my son 😉

  20. Jen Rodrigues says

    I have heard about black and Decker drills but never used them before. Would love to try them out.

  21. Thomas Murphy says

    I am not familiar with the Black + Decker drills. I would like to build a new shed.

  22. I am not, but this would make a good gift for a family member.

  23. elizabeth p says

    I’m not to familiar with this brand, but if I won I would give it to my husband. He has about 400 half done projects. thanks for the chance.

  24. I’m not familiar with the drill, but I would love to use one to add some hooks to do a faux canopy in my bedroom.

  25. ellen beck says

    Yep we love Black and Decker! I think the first project I would tackle is making more trellis for the garden. I have stuff that needs some assistance.

  26. Trinh Quinonez says

    I would use it on my vanity table project.

  27. Crystal F says

    My hubby would use it to hang some new blinds. thank you!

  28. We love black and decker drills! We have a lot of projects right now because we just moved into a new house, but one of them would be to repair/ rebuild our picnic table to go outside

  29. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Yes, I’m Familiar With Black And Decker. If I Won I’d Use The Drill To Build A Swing For Our Porch.

  30. Kimmy Ripley says

    I have never in my life used a drill but I just bought my first house and this would come in handy!~

  31. Kobi Hensley says

    I have used drills but not Black & Decker. I would use it to replace my old drill and build raised garden beds in our yard.

  32. Mary Cloud says

    I’m a little familiar with them. This would be great for my husband because he’s always working on projects around the house.

  33. Julia Barnes says

    We have some home improvement projects coming up so I’d love a drill to help out!

  34. I don’t know anything about Black & Decker but would love one to use around the house. I’m always needing a drill for installing something or fixing something.

  35. Richard Hicks says

    I have several of their products and love them. Would use this drill on my next shelving project

  36. Denise Sachs says

    I have heard of this brand and I would give it to my husband for his wood planter project.

  37. Tracy Davis says

    I would like to use the drill to build a deck.

  38. Dana Rodriguez says

    I would like to make some storage shelves for the closets.

  39. I am familiar with Black & Decker drills. However, I do not own one. I own a different brand that the battery is slowly starting to fail in and it’s not working the best. If I were to win, this baby would definitely be put to good use. I’d use it to hang up pictures, curtains, secure AC unit to window, fix loose boards on my deck… there’s so many things that I would do with it!

  40. My dad has one, so I am familiar. I would like to hang some shelving.

  41. I would like to use it for drilling some holes in the wall so that we can add some shelves to our pantry

  42. Oh I do! The one I would do first, is to build a couple raised garden beds! I container garden now, but would love the vegetables to have more room to grow!

  43. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I am familiar with the brand and I would love to build some flower boxes.

  44. I’d like to build a coffee table!

  45. carol clark says

    yes i am and if i win im going to build a seat for me to sit on outside

  46. Birdiebee says

    I am moving in less than a month and sure could use this drill to put furniture items together after I move.

  47. Stefanie Gladden says

    I would love to build some shelves for my house!

  48. katherine says

    Yes I am. My husband has one and I would like to gift one to my son

  49. This seems like such an awesome drill. I am familiar with many drills but mine crapped out on me in December. This would be super helpful because I am planning home renovations as we speak!

  50. Colleen Boudreau says

    I’m not familiar with them, but I’d like to use it to put up shelves.

  51. Melissa Teears says

    I definitely can use it for the shelves I want put up in my laundry room

  52. Susan Christy says

    I’m familiar with B&D tools. Would like to make a coffee table with hairpin legs.

  53. I am familiar with them because of my husband. I would finish our garage project!

  54. I am not that familiar with Black & Decker. We would like to customize our closet, and this would be a great help.

  55. I love this brand! My hubby and I would use it to build our new deck this summer.

  56. Jim Hayes says

    I’m familiar with Black and Decker drills. My wife and I just bought our 1st house about a year and a half ago, so we still have lots of house projects to work on .

  57. I’m very familiar with the Black + Decker drills. We’ve owned several of them. I’m not working on any special projects right now, but it would come in handy for general purpose jobs.

  58. Tabathia B says

    I’m not familiar with the drill. I have a project that I want my husband to work on involving my daughter’s miniature bookcase

  59. I am not familiar with Black + Decker drills. I would think of a project to make with this drill!

  60. I am a little familiar with them. I would build a bird feeder

  61. Kimberly Kihega says

    Yes, I am. We need to put in some new shelves in our garage.

  62. I have heard of Black and Decker drills before and I would love to make an entry way bench using this drill!

  63. I’m in the process of building a new home, so with a new comes furniture that I would like to make myself. This drill would come in handy for all of DIY furniture projects!

  64. Susan Smith says

    Yes I’m familiar with Black and Decker drills. I would use it to build shelves in our basement.

  65. Ellen Casper says

    Yes, I’m familiar with Black and Decker drills. I would like to build planter boxes for my patio.

  66. Anne-Marie Tvete says

    I am not familiar with it, however I do use my husbands drill for the ocassional project and it would be nice to have one I can call my own.

  67. I am familiar with Black and Decker drills. We’re remodeling our kitchen, so the drill would come in handy for that project.

  68. Melanie Montgomery says

    Yes, my husband really wants one but we haven’t had the money

  69. Sonya Morris says

    I am not familiar with Black & Decker drills. I have several projects I could use this drill for including building another chicken coop and a shelter for my goats coming next week.

  70. I am familiar with the brand name, but not specifically with the drills. In fact, if I was to win this, it would go to my grandson, who has a handyman business, and always needs tools!

  71. joe gersch says

    I am familiiar with it. I would work on my deck boards with this

  72. I am familiar with black and decker—I would use the drill to hang some new shutters at my house!

  73. Michele Baron says

    I’m not familiar with the Black & Decker drill…….I need to put up some pictures

  74. We always have projects around the house that this could help with!

  75. Yes, I am familiar with Black & Decker drills. We have one, corded and it is very reliable. But there are many situations where a cordless drill like this one would make things much easier. We need to do some repair on a deck and a cordless with good power would be perfect.

  76. I am very familiar with Black & Decker Drills. Years ago, I used to build switches that were being used in these products!! If I am fortunate enough to win this awesome giveaway, Hubby and I will be using this as we begin a project of a garage renovation.

  77. I would put up shelves in our garage with the drill.

  78. I don’t have a Black and Decker drill, but if I were to win, I would give to my son-in-law for his home projects.

  79. I’d use it to assemble furniture and hang things in my new house.

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