Daddy’s Hangout Monday Night Raw Review from Kansas City

Monday Night Raw Kansas City

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in Kansas City a week after Triple H shocked the world by turning on Seth Rollins and making Kevin Owens the new Universal Champion. They played a video earlier of Mick Foley confronting Stephanie McMahon to see if she had any involvement or did she know that Triple H was going to do what he did? She denied knowing anything about what happened because she backed Seth and eventually Foley said she was telling the truth or she was a good liar. Last week was another good edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully things will continue with less than three weeks until the Clash of Champions PPV.


Opening Segment: We kicked off Monday Night Raw with Mick Foley & Stephanie McMahon in the ring and they introduced Kevin Owens to a round of applause. After Owens came to the ring to cut a promo about Monday Night Raw becoming the Kevin Owens Show, which resulted in the music of Seth Rollins to hit. He came down to the ring to confront Stephanie about last week and they all got in each other’s face. After Owens kept baiting Rollins, he was attacked by Rollins which caused Stephanie to suspend Rollins indefinitely. Mick Foley intervened and said Rollins isn’t suspended then made the match between Owens & Rollins at the Clash of Champions PPV.

Charlotte vs. Bayley: As expected, this was a really good, physical match between these two. Towards the end of the match, Dana Brooke got involved which helped Charlotte, but was hit by Charlotte and Bayley hit the Bayley-to-Belly for the win.

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho: This was a pretty good match-up between these two as expected and the crowd was definitely into it. In the end, Rollins had a nice counter into the pedigree to pick up the win.


Cesaro vs. Sheamus: This was another physical bout between these two and surprisingly, Sheamus won the match with a Brogue Kick after working on the injured back of Cesaro throughout the match.


Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara: I guess he actually faced someone on the roster this time. I’m still not sold on him, but I can’t deny that he’s a big strong dude.

Sasha Banks Promo: This was the best promo Sasha has delivered ever since she’s been called up to the main roster. She teased earlier in the day by sending out a tweet saying that she had some bad news on Monday Night Raw that night. After cutting a promo, she was about to announce her news, but she was interrupted by Dana Brooke, when she entered the ring she attacked Sasha Banks. She was met with the Banks Statement and announced she’s coming for the Women’s title at the Clash of Champions.


Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: I believe these two could produce a good match in their sleep. As always and expected, they delivered a really good match and the crowd was really into it. In the end, Kevin Owens picked up the win because Sami Zayn still is nursing a bad ankle. After the match, Roman Reigns made his way to the ring to confront Kevin Owens, but Owens was about to leave and then Jericho came to surround the ring. The music of Mick Foley hit and he announced that Reigns would face Owens next week and if he win, the match at Clash of Champions would become a triple threat match.


Bo Dallas vs. Kyle Roberts: Maybe they’re trying to reestablish him, but this will take a minute for me to start Bo-Lieving.


Shining Stars vs. Enzo & Big Cass: What the hell was that????


Nia Jax vs. Jobber: They showed before the match that she was friends with Alicia Fox and after dismantling her, she confronted Fox backstage so maybe we’ll have her first feud on the main roster.


Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Promo: That was horrible!!


Darren Young vs. Jinder Mahal: The match was ehh and then Titus O’Neil came down but got beat down for it.


Overall Rating: 6/10- This was another good edition of Monday Night Raw, but not as good as the week before. It seems like they’re trying to finally do something with Bo Dallas, but I think it may be too late and they should’ve done it when the crowd was behind him. I’m shocked to see the Shining Stars upset Enzo & Cass, Nia Jax is still tossing around scrubs, but we may finally have a feud for her with Alicia Fox. The promo from Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson was atrocious and I’m still trying to like the Darren Young and Titus O’Neil feud.


Top 5 Happenings from Monday Night Raw:

  1. Opening Segment
  2. Sasha Banks Promo
  3. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
  4. Charlotte vs. Bayley
  5. Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho


What did you think about this edition of Monday Night Raw? What was your favorite match of the night? If you have any comments about anything about Monday Night Raw, head to the section below to leave your comments.


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