Pain is Love from Ja Rule
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Pain is Love from Ja Rule Released 15 Years Ago Today

Pain is Love from Ja Rule

What can I say about Ja Rule that hasn’t been said? Honestly, I mean that in a positive matter because in the early-2000s if you listened to the radio most likely you heard a Ja Rule song. As a matter of fact, you probably heard something from his Murder Inc. crew whether it’s from him, Ashanti or a remix he was on. The first album he released, Venni Vetti Vecci was hard, and then his second album Rule 3:36 we heard the transition to the sound we come to like from Ja Rule. Now we finally heard his 3rd album, Pain is Love which is the album I’m talking about now. Pain is Love would go on to sell well over 3 million records and solidified his as a superstar is the music industry.

Livin’ It Up

Livin’ It Up was the first single off Pain Is Love and it featured R&B star, Case. The very up-tempo track featured a Stevie Wonder sample from his Do I Do track and this track built anticipation for the actual album. The single was actually released around three months before the album dropped and was also featured on the Friday After Next movie.

Always on Time

Always on Time was the second single off Pain is Love and it featured his fellow Murder Inc. label mate, Ashanti. With Always on Time, they hit this one out the park because this was a HUGE smash. In 2009, it was ranked as the 33rd most successful song in the 2000s and the video has almost 93 million views to date. I’ll be honest; this is one of my favorite tracks from Ja Rule and of all-time too.

Down Ass Bitch

The hit singles continued to roll out into 2002 as he released Down Ass Bitch featuring Charli Baltimore. Down Ass Bitch or the radio edit was called Down Ass Chick was released in March and it was well-received by the fans. Once again this track proved that Murder Inc., Ja Rule and Ashanti knew how to put out the hit.


My Final Thoughts:

Pain is Love featured 2Pac, Missy Elliott, Ashanti, Case, Jennifer Lopez and a slew of others. Like I’ve said before, this album featured some hits on it like So Much Pain, Never Again and a few others. Pain is Love still continues to get much play from me and it’s definitely recommended for all my hip hop heads out there. For all the Ja Rule fans, he’s currently on the Natural Born Hitters tour with Ashanti.

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