Some Ideas on What to Get Your Wife for Christmas (Giveaway)

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What to Give Your Wife for Christmas

Is it just me or has this year went by really fast? Think about it, we’re a little over two months away until its Christmas time. That means we’ll be shopping for Christmas gifts if you haven’t started previously. My kids have already given me a list of items they would like and of course, there are a few revisions along the way. I’ll be honest; it’s pretty easy to do Christmas shopping for my kids. When it comes down to my wife, now that’s another story, and I’m sure other guys will say the same. Let me help you out this year because I know what to get your wife for Christmas. Below are a few things that maybe will help with your decisions.


What to Get Your Wife for Christmas

Does your wife love the newest gadgets to hit the market? Whether it’s the brand-new iPhone 7’s that just hit the market or perhaps a new camera, there’s plenty to choose from. Either way, you can never go wrong with a fresh phone, computer, laptop, camera or maybe a drone.


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice, thoughtful card with some cash in it. When you give money to your spouse, she can buy whatever she wants to and in the end you won’t disappoint her with something she doesn’t need. With money, she will spend it on something she really wants, which is a win-win for the both of you. No matter, what show her how important she is to you and don’t be afraid to spoil your wife.


What to Get Your Wife for Christmas

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Let’s be honest guys, no matter how long you’ve been with your lady, always make her feel sexy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a holiday to show her appreciation because it usually means more when it’s spontaneous. Whether it’s on your Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, date night or just because you want to, show her how special she’ll always be to you.


What if I told you there’s a service that delivers monthly surprises for the special lady in your life. The place is called The Enclosed and they’re a luxury underwear subscription service that allows us guys to send gift to the ladies in our life. Think about it for a second, you can have them sent to the door every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. For this giveaway, we’re offering a coupon code that’s valued at $55 for you to try out and see what you think about it. Also, I’ll throw in a $20 Amazon gift card for the winner of the contest. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and commenting on the post is MANDATORY!!!! Enter below, best of luck to everyone and trust me, you’ll love this service and want to use it all the time.
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  1. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to get the Gilded Blueberry Pie. On my wish list is a fitbit!

  2. I guess I would choose the Root Beer Float. I would like a simply fit board for Christmas.

  3. I love the Gilded Blueberry Pie panty. Such a pretty color, and on my wishlist is a new set of books of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the movies to go with it!

  4. kelly tupick says

    I would like the Christmas Candy panty. On my wishlist is a new dishwasher. So tired of mine not working well.

  5. I like the Minty Cake style. I would like a new purse.

  6. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I would like the Christmas Candy Panty. On my Christmas wish list is a Coach purse and diamond stud earings.

  7. I would like to get the Fondant Flower Cupcake panty. My Christmas wish list includes a new microwave and an area rug.

  8. My Christmas wish list is a new master bathroom and I would love the The Rondant Flower Cupcake panty

  9. Adrienne Gordon says

    I like the Pocky Candy. I’d love a new lounger for xmas.

  10. beth shepherd says

    New pjs would be awesome and I like the pocky candy. Thank you

  11. The Gilded Blueberry Pie is nice. I’d like some candy for Christmas.

  12. Michelle Hill says

    The Candy Necklace Pairing is my favorite item! Sexy!

  13. I like the Pocky Candy. I’d like a new purse

  14. I like elegance cake! On my wishlist is n ipad mini!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  15. Sandy Klocinski says

    I would love to order the Gilded Blueberry Pie panties. The only thing on my Christmas wishlist is that my house sell quickly

  16. Angela Saver says

    I would love to get the Strawberry Shortcake Boy Shorts & the Dessert Plate Boy Shorts! New knives are on my Christmas wish list this year!

  17. Christina Sparks says

    I like the Gilded Blueberry Pie, I like the colors

  18. I like elegance cake. On my list is a new tablet

  19. Kathy Borgen says

    I like the GildedBlueberry Pie panty! As for what’s on my Christmas list…I think a new robe and some great books would make me happy.

  20. I like the root beer float with coverage

  21. I love the minty cake style! On my christmas list is a new pair of boots!

  22. The Strawberry Shortcake Boy Shorts are absolutely adorable, that’s what I want!

  23. Susan Smith says

    I like the Gilded Blueberry Pie. For Christmas I’d like a pair of diamond earrings.

  24. Brittney House says

    I love the grape jam undies the most. They are so sexy. I would love a new computer chair for Christmas.

  25. I love the Colorful Sugar Cookies panty. I would flaunt those around in the bedroom 🙂 I also good use a steam cleaner

  26. The dessert plate boy shorts are fun! I’d love a new bicycle for christmas.

  27. the Christmas Candy Panty looks fun

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